‘General Hospital’ Wednesday Spoilers: Alexis Leans On Neil And Shiloh Pushes Sam

Michael YadaABC

General Hospital spoilers for the episode airing on Wednesday, April 24, hint that there are some pretty intense moments on the horizon. Viewers saw during Tuesday’s show that Kristina managed to make a call to Valerie after getting her hands on Alexis’ phone, and Sam is facing a dicey situation with Shiloh. Where are things headed next?

As The Inquisitr noted, it won’t take long for Alexis to discover that Kristina has her phone. General Hospital spoilers suggest that she’ll walk back into the safe house pretty quickly — and she’ll be in full-fledged panic mode when she realizes what has just happened.

Alexis will freak out and scream at Krissy as she demands to know who her daughter had called. If Kristina does admit that she called Valerie, this will probably only serve to send Alexis into an even deeper panic. According to SheKnows Soaps, Alexis will lean on Neil as she copes with this latest development.

Neil will do his best to comfort Alexis, and it looks like the line between the professional and the personal will continue to blur between these two. As Alexis freaks out and Kristina continues to resist letting go of Dawn of Day, others in Port Charles will face challenging decisions.

The sneak peek shared via Twitter shows that the awkwardly intimate scenario taking place in the DoD attic between Sam and Shiloh will move forward, at least slightly. He will tell Sam that he thinks they’re ready to take things to the next level, and it’s obvious that Sam is trying to maintain her composure while also trying to figure out how to avoid getting intimate with Shiloh.

Luckily, General Hospital spoilers have teased that Sam will get interrupted somehow. She may be able to avoid things going too far with Shiloh now, but this isn’t over by a long shot.

Viewers will also see Willow tear into Harmony, and viewers now know that Harmony is Willow’s mother. Of course, General Hospital spoilers have heavily hinted that it will ultimately be revealed that Willow’s true biological mother is Nina, and fans speculate that some of what Shiloh holds over Harmony is related to this situation.

General Hospital spoilers note that Wednesday’s show will also feature Jason and Sonny trying to decide what to do next about Shiloh and Dawn of Day. Jason has been trying to do this in a certain way, but it looks like Sonny may feel it’s time to push hard — and simply take out Shiloh, permanently.

Neil will soon be successful in getting Kristina to see Dawn of Day in a different light, but she may also end up backsliding. Sam will remain determined to carry out her version of the plan to take Shiloh down, and it seems certain that Willow and Harmony will be key to what develops next.

The latest General Hospital spoilers hint that this will be quite the roller coaster ride over the next few weeks, and fans will be buzzing over what is to come.