Jonas Brothers’ ‘Happiness Begins’ Album Cover Gets Roasted By Fans On Twitter

Cindy OrdGetty Images

The Jonas Brothers are releasing their first studio album since 2009 later this year, but from the looks of the cover art, it’s like they never even left the music scene. On Monday, Kevin, Nick, and Joe Jonas announced that Happiness Begins will be available in early June, which brightened the day for fans all over the world. However, amidst the excitement, there was also a bit of confusion over the band’s interesting choice for an album cover. Of course, Twitter users did what they do best, and went wild with hilarious Happiness Begins memes, according to Vogue.

Featured on the cover of the new album is a dreamy-looking filtered photo of the three brothers laying poolside with their backs to the camera—butts on full display—looking out at palm trees and a mountain in the distance. Fans immediately noted that the image looks straight out of 2010 Instagram.

“Why does the album art for the new Jonas Brothers album look like the cover of a photo album your phone makes for you about your trip to Coachella three years ago?????” one Twitter user wrote in an oddly specific but hilarious analogy.

Some users demanded to know who the Jonas Brothers’ graphic designer is, taking issue with both the album’s font and the unusual filter.

“Whoever made the Jonas Brothers new album cover should be fired for using Canva,” someone said, referencing an easy-to-use graphic design website.

“Imagine being a JONAS BROTHER and spending -$8 on your ALBUM COVER,” another wrote.

One user pointed out that Nick, Kevin, and Joe posed laying down for the cover of their last album, Lines, Vines and Trying Times, as well.

“I guess they never got back up,” they said.

Many fans took the opportunity to comment on the brothers’ butts, PopBuzz reported. Some cropped the photo down to show only their backsides and joked that it was an improvement to the cover.

Low-budget album art aside, the Jonas Brothers seem to be very excited to present this new chapter in their lives. When Kevin shared the news on Monday, he noted that he and his siblings needed time to “find themselves.”

“Out of all the albums we’ve done I’m most proud of this one. Wish you could have it now, but you’ll just have to wait a little bit longer,” he wrote.

Mark your calendars, Jonas Brothers fans! Happiness Begins will be available everywhere on June 7.