Britney Spears Has A New Boyfriend, And He’s Just An Average Guy

Britney Spears has a new boyfriend, but the guy in her life won’t register on any celebrity radar.

The pop star was seen on Valentine’s Day with a mysterious date, a man who was later identified as David Lucado. He initially claimed that he and Britney were “just friends,” TMZ noted, but a source told E! News that David’s more than a friend — he is indeed Britney Spears’ new boyfriend.

It appears that what makes Lucado remarkable is the fact that he’s not really that remarkable. E! News notes that he’s just a typical Southern guy, hailing from Virginia. He now works as a bartender in Los Angeles, and also holds down a desk job at a legal firm.

Before becoming Britney Spears‘ new boyfriend, David Lucado reportedly had a simple dating life. His past girlfriends were “pretty, sweet girls” rather than stars themselves, E! News noted.

Even more, Spears‘ new guy doesn’t appear to have the air of the other celebrities and heavy hitters she’s dated.

From TMZ:

“Everyone we spoke to said the same thing — David is a well-liked, all-around fun-loving guy … and it’s totally unexpected that he’d date Britney Spears.

“The reason … we’re told David’s the exact opposite of a Hollywood guy — meek, humble, and totally down-to-earth. AKA the exact opposite of Britney’s Hollywood agent ex-fiance Jason Trawick.”

It appears that Lucado’s first taste of the limelight may have gotten him a bit camera shy, however. E! News noted that Britney Spears’ new boyfriend deactivated his Facebook account shortly after he was identified as her mystery Valentine’s date.