Ariana Grande’s Coachella Lemon Thrower Identified In Video, ‘That Was Me’

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It’s been two days since Ariana Grande was attacked by a “literal lemon,” per Cosmopolitan. Allegations of Ariana’s $8 million Coachella pay being “double” that offered to Lemonade singer Beyonce in 2018 were debunked by The Inquisitr on April 21. Nonetheless, some fans don’t appear to have digested the facts. The attack is largely considered to be directly related to the Beyonce/Ariana pay storm.

The mystery lemon thrower has now been identified.

As Ace Showbiz reports, a female going by the name of Jo appears to have claimed responsibility for the incident. The media outlet quotes a tweet from Jo, although it seems to have been deleted.

“I feel bad for throwing that lemon at Ariana but it was kiiiind [sic] offff [sic] funny.”

Deleted tweets don’t often make for major headlines. Video footage, on the other hand, does. A Twitter account belonging to @ghostinhardy now comes with Snapchat footage showing a young female confessing to having thrown the fruit. The only confusion lies in the Snapchat account appearing to belong to a girl named Olivia Nelson. The video shows a girl (possibly Olivia) in a car, and she reads the lemon-pelting headline from her phone. “That was me!” is her reaction. Her words are followed by laughter from an unidentified source – likely the person at the wheel.

Ariana was forced to pause her performance following the incident. She was also heard saying “That’s cause one of y’all threw a lemon at me, sh*t,” per Teen Vogue.

Support for Grande continues to pour in. As Who reports, Arianators have been taking to Twitter with anger. One user wrote the following.

“Which one of y’all Beyonce stans threw a lemon at Ariana Grande? F***ing not cool.”

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Grande does not appear to have made any further comment since cursing on stage. She continues to update her 152 million Instagram followers with Coachella footage. A recent video shows Grande performing “Dangerous Woman.”

At just 25, Ariana is officially the youngest artist to headline the annual music festival. Her performance comes amid global appearances for her “Sweetener” tour. The singer is also making headlines for her concert security. Following the bombing of her 2017 Manchester concert, Ariana urged fans to abide by security measures put into place for her current tour, Billboard reports. Clear plastic bags are required to bring anything into venues, although this merch-savvy celebrity hasn’t missed out on the opportunity to sell her own version.

Somehow, it seems unlikely that Ariana will be launching any lemon-centric merch. While the self-proclaimed lemon thrower appears to have found the incident amusing, the majority of Ariana’s fans do not share her enthusiasm.