Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’ May Sweeps: Oscar’s Fate Revealed, Josslyn, Kim And Drew Face Heartbreak Soon

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital spoilers for the upcoming May sweeps period reveal that heartbreak is on the way for Oscar’s loved ones. Everybody had been hoping for a miracle of some kind that would provide some sort of stunning recovery for Oscar, but it seems it’s not in the cards.

New teasers from SheKnows Soaps provide the heartbreaking confirmation. The new spoilers for General Hospital suggest that Oscar will die at some point during the May sweeps period, which will set the stage for a lot of emotional scenes.

As many fans had anticipated, Oscar’s death and Josslyn’s heartbreak is the catalyst for Jax returning to Port Charles. It’s not known yet exactly when Oscar will die. However, it seems likely it’ll be quite soon, as The Inquisitr has noted that Ingo Rademacher will first appear again as Jax on May 7. So, that may give a sense of the timing ahead with this storyline.

Not only does Jax return to Port Charles to support Josslyn, but General Hospital spoilers also tease that there’s another reason that will serve to keep him in town. Not much is known about the upcoming storyline for Rademacher’s return, but it has sounded as if it’s a long-term, ongoing return.

Julian is doing his best to support Kim as she faces the death of her son, and General Hospital spoilers share that he will continue to do this as much as she will let him. However, Julian and Alexis will continue to cross paths, and “Julexis” fans aren’t giving up on seeing these two together again romantically.

It is known that Oscar will ask Drew and Jason to try to forge a true brotherly bond as something of a dying wish. The two men will surely want to do whatever they can to bring peace for Oscar in his final days. Granted, this particular request may be asking for more than the two men can do.

The latest spoilers for General Hospital don’t reveal much about what’s next for Drew. Of course, he’ll be heartbroken to lose his son, and additional spoilers indicate that there will be some sort of business decision made soon that impacts him as well as a number of others.

Will Oscar’s death provide an avenue for Drew to get a meaty storyline again soon? What do the writers have in store for Ingo Rademacher’s Jax with this return?

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Josslyn will struggle greatly for quite some time after losing her first love. Additional teasers about what everybody can expect should become available soon, and it sounds as if viewers will want to make sure they have tissues handy for these upcoming scenes.