Here’s Why Instagram Is Throwing ‘Shrek’ And ‘Booger’ Comments At Farrah Abraham’s Topless Picture

Bryan SteffyGetty Images

Credit where it’s due. Continuing to update Instagram when negative comments outweigh the positive ones is testimony to Farrah Abraham’s dedication.

On April 23, the Teen Mom OG star updated her account. A topless (and likely naked) Farrah is seen lying in a hotel bed. The crisp-white bedding covering her modesty contrasts her brightly-dyed hair. Shades here vary from moss, mint, and lime green to hints of aquamarine blue near her blonde roots. A “Please Do Not Disturb” sign held in Abraham’s left hand ties in with the caption.

The post is a promo for bedding brand Comfitude. Despite holding a correctly-spelled “Do Not Disturb” sign, Farrah does not appear to have mastered the word’s spelling, based on the photo’s caption.

As has become commonplace on Farrah’s Instagram, fans are ripping this mother to shreds. The comments speak for themselves.

“Looks like a damn booger in a fluffy Kleenex”

Another user appeared to find common ground between Farrah and an animated movie character.

“shrek? is that you?”

A plethora of comments continues to slam the star. While one thought Farrah’s grammar skills make her “look kind of dumb,” another threw out insults with a little more wit.

“No need to disturb. Occupant is already disturbed,” they wrote.

It would appear that the post’s negative response falls into one of two categories – those taking a swipe at Abraham’s “desturb” and those not impressed by the green hair. The comparison to Shrek received a response, “I was thinking the female Gremlin.” Another user called Farrah a “horse with a green mane.”

Interestingly, other celebrities donning the dyed-green hair look have not been subject to such backlash. In 2018, Kim Kardashian famously matched her hair to her vehicle.

“Had to get a neon green Lambo to match my hair!!!” her Instagram story read, per E! News.

Farrah’s recent Instagram updates were also met with negative reception. Earlier this month, The Inquisitr reported the star being dubbed “fake” following a bikini-clad workout video. Comments appear to either slam Abraham directly or question her parenting skills. Given that this celebrity’s career rests on her 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom OG appearances, any absence of her daughter, Sophia, is quickly picked up on.

Farrah’s Instagram now appears largely endorsement-based. From anti-aging solutions and nutrition supplements to bedding and lash products, there doesn’t seem to be an arena that Farrah isn’t prepared to promote. Yesterday’s post widens Abraham’s promotional portfolio, but the comments don’t appear to be bringing her much success.