Michelle Duggar Causes An Internet Stir Over Her Unique Name For Deviled Eggs

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Michelle Duggar may have thought that she was posting an innocent Easter photo this week, but it seems to have caused quite a stir on the internet. Now she and her family are getting ridiculed over what some may consider a minor offense, and it’s all over her renaming those tasty appetizers that most people call deviled eggs.

According to People, the Duggar matriarch posted a snapshot of herself and her two younger girls, Johannah and Jordyn, in the kitchen preparing a huge batch of the yummy Easter concoctions. The eggs look pretty ordinary, with the exception of some cut-up bacon that was placed on top of each one. However, the caption is what triggered the controversy.

While people generally refer to them as deviled eggs, Michelle Duggar referred to them as “Yellow Pocket Angel Eggs.” The comments came in fast and furious slamming them for not using the traditional term of deviled eggs.

One person said, “You know ‘deviled’ is the technique and has nothing to do with ‘the Devil’, right? They’re [a] homonym.”

Others called the name “stupid” and “ridiculous.” However, there were plenty of supporters who said that they also refrain from using the term of deviled eggs. Many others simply stated that renaming them is not that big of a deal.

Everyone assumed that she did so because she and husband, Jim Bob, are not too keen on having the word devil attached to anything in their household. While not all Christians will go so far as to rename these highly popular snacks, the Duggar family does things differently.

The eggs weren’t the only creations that the Duggars made for Easter. The next day, there were also photos shared of the kids and grandkids displaying their version of what Easter is all about. It appears that they used graham crackers, doughnuts, and cookies to replicate the empty tomb of Jesus.

Deviled eggs aren’t the only things that have gotten people in a twist over a Duggar photo recently. About a week ago, another picture was snapped of son Jackson and his cousin Tyler while they were fishing and proudly displaying their catch. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, comments were made on their timeline asking why they are killing God’s creatures. A few even made pleas to let them go.

Michelle Duggar and the rest of her family are certainly not strangers to controversy. They have their own way of doing things that people seem to question, even when it comes to her version of deviled eggs.