Teresa Giudice Reportedly Preparing Custody Agreement As Joe Fights Deportation

Kena BetancurGetty Images

Teresa Giudice is reportedly working on a custody deal prior to a divorce being filed, Radar Online reports. A source told the outlet, “Teresa is working with family members to arrange a proper visitation schedule between Joe and the girls.”

The Guidices would share custody of daughters Gia, 18, Gabriella, 15, Milania, 14, and 10-year-old Audriana.

Joe is currently trying to prevent his deportation to Italy and filed an appeal that was summarily denied on April 11.

There is no indication that Teresa will follow him if he leaves the country, as she is allegedly already filing for divorce. A source revealed that Teresa is unlikely to visit her husband while he’s in jail and that she and her daughters are juggling “heavy” work, school, and social lives.

In February, Radar spotted the reality TV personality holding hands with 26-year-old Blake Schreck on a vacation in Miami.

Teresa’s actions have not sat well with Joe’s family, who are blaming her for his deportation following her refusal to plead for his appeal during court hearings, Radar Online reported.

Teresa did not show up to any of the several deportation hearings the government held. Joe’s family is now blaming her for losing his appeal to remain in the United States. A source said that Joe’s family believes Teresa should have appeared in front of the judge with her daughters and wept on her husband’s behalf. They apparently believe the Real Housewives of New Jersey star would have genuinely influenced the judge if she had put up a united front as a family.

Teresa’s recent Miami getaway with her much-younger male friend has left Joe’s family dismayed, said an insider, leaving them in disbelief that she would vacation instead of being with her husband in court. The insider said, “It broke their hearts.”

Unfortunately, the outlook is not good for Joe, according to immigration lawyer Eric Mark. The legal attorney spoke to Radar about the case.

He explained that when someone is convicted of an aggravated felony the only means of avoiding deportation is in accordance with the Convention Against Torture, which means that person would likely be tortured by the government of their native country after returning.

Since there is no chance that the Italian government would torture Joe, he has “virtually no chance” of winning his appeal or getting out of deportation.

The former RHOJ husband appears to understand that his legal efforts may be futile.

Radar spoke to a Clinton County Correctional Facility inmate’s mother who said that Joe was allegedly “crying” and was holding his head in his hands after the April 11 denial. The woman claimed that he broke down at lunch and refused to touch his food.

After he was released from prison in March following a federal three-year sentence for fraud, Joe was immediately sent to ICE’s Clinton County Correctional Facility in McElhattan, Pennsylvania. It’s a jail known for its violence and inadequate living standards, according to Radar.

Radar confirmed that the Executive Board of Immigration Review, the Appeals Board “dismissed his case on April 11, 2019.” Joe’s attorney told the media outlet he has contested the appeal denial in federal court.