Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Willow Rants At Harmony, Sam’s Interrupted, & Michael Faces Questions

Michael YadaABC

Many General Hospital viewers felt certain that Harmony would turn out to be Willow’s mother, and Tuesday’s episode confirmed that to be the case. Of course, a lot of GH fans are also confident that it will soon be revealed that Nina is Willow’s true biological mother and that will shake things up significantly. Spoilers detail that there’s more on the way with the heated conversation between Willow and Harmony, and there’s a lot of Dawn of Day action on other fronts ahead as well.

Tuesday’s episode showed Harmony tracking down Willow and talking about how much she missed her. As the episode wrapped, Willow expressed her anger at Harmony not protecting her and essentially handing her over to Shiloh. Willow blasted Harmony, noting that Harmony should have protected her since she’s her mother.

The sneak peek shared at the end of Tuesday’s show revealed that the intense conversation between the two women will continue to play out during Wednesday’s episode. General Hospital spoilers detail that Willow will tell Harmony that she’s nothing to her any longer, and fans will be anxious to see the rest of this confrontation.

Sam is pushing hard to get Shiloh to invite her into his inner circle, and he surprised her by pushing for more than she bargained for at the DOD house. A shirtless Shiloh took her to the attic, and she was obviously worried about the corner she just backed herself into here.

Viewers noticed Sam seemingly fiddling with her phone in her back pocket just before she started unbuttoning her blouse. It seems likely that she probably managed to text or call Jason and that he’ll find a way to intervene before things get intimate between Sam and Shiloh. General Hospital spoilers via She Knows Soaps note that she will be interrupted, and Jason’s the logical one she contacted for help.

However, Jason and Sonny will also be discussing the situation, and as The Inquisitr shared earlier, Sonny will say that Shiloh has to be eliminated. In addition, Alexis will realize that Kristina got her phone and she’ll yell at her daughter in desperation, wanting to know who Krissy called.

Both Valerie and Chase are digging into Kristina’s disappearance now, and Chase asked Michael to meet him at the Floating Rib. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Chase will try to get Michael to confide in him, and Michael will probably try to dance around telling the truth.

However, Chase will apparently figure out enough to get upset, telling Michael that they’ve now given Shiloh ammunition. Not only does Shiloh have Krissy’s secret about Alexis supposedly purposely running over Kiefer, but now Shiloh could make things legally complicated for Michael, Sonny, and Alexis by technically taking Kristina from DOD against her will.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that there are some juicy twists and turns ahead involving Shiloh and Dawn of Day. A lot of fans are anxious to see some of this wrapped up, and teasers hint that the next few weeks will be key in doing just that.