‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sonny Aims To Eliminate Shiloh, Jordan Collapses & Sam Faces An Intimate Request

Michael YadaABC

The latest General Hospital spoilers hint that fans have a lot of crazy moments to look forward to as this week proceeds. Viewers know that there’s plenty of Ryan-related talk ahead, but a new sneak peek shares that Jordan’s health will deteriorate significantly — and Shiloh’s presence in Port Charles will have everybody riled up.

The new sneak peek shared via Twitter shows that Sonny will tell Jason that he’s “done with this,” and he wants Jason to “eliminate him.” This pretty clearly references Shiloh, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that Sonny will decide he simply wants Shiloh permanently out of the picture.

While this decision is surely due, in large part, for Kristina’s sake, fans know that Sonny is also worried about what secret she offered up to Shiloh. It’s known that Krissy focused on how Alexis caused Kiefer’s death years ago, but Sonny is concerned this secret will be dangerous for his business.

Will Jason kill Shiloh? General Hospital spoilers have teased that someone may soon kill off the Dawn of Day leader, but Jason will know that he’ll probably be a prime suspect if that happens — so he’ll need to be careful in how he proceeds.

Of course, there could be other suspects if Shiloh bites the dust. Willow could be a suspect, putting Chase in a difficult position as a detective. Viewers have a hunch that Harmony could go off the deep end in terms of her alliance to the DoD leader.

General Hospital spoilers shared via SheKnows Soaps reveal that Shiloh will still be shaking things up in Port Charles well into the first days of May, and it’ll be interesting to see what happens after that. Sam is anxious to fast-track her ability to access Shiloh’s innermost DoD secrets, and it seems she’ll put herself in a potentially dangerous predicament to try to achieve her goals.

Shiloh is obviously quite taken with Sam, and she knows how to work this to her advantage. The new sneak peek shows that the two will find themselves alone at some point, and he’ll have his shirt off as she appears to start unbuttoning her blouse. He’ll ask if she’s ready, and viewers will be curious to see just how far she’ll go to carry out her plan.

Jordan is still recovering from the accident she endured, and General Hospital spoilers share that she’ll soon collapse. TJ is worried about his mother — and how desperately she needs a transplant — and it appears that this need will become even more urgent.

Who will become the donor which Jordan needs? Fans have been doing plenty of speculating about this, as it seems likely that the writers will go with something big and wild.

A kidney transplant can come from a live donor, and even TJ wanted to see if he could step up to donate to his mom. However, General Hospital spoilers seem to suggest that Jordan’s transplant will come as someone else dies on the canvas.

Fans have tossed around the idea of Oscar being the donor, but that would be unlikely in the real world, given his cancer. Others have wondered if Ryan — or perhaps Shiloh — could end up being a donor, if indeed there’s a deadly face-off coming within the next few weeks.

General Hospital spoilers hint that this week will get crazy as these storylines overlap and pick up speed, and fans are curious to see what the writers will throw at them next.