‘RHOBH’ Star Lisa Rinna Applauds Camille Grammer For Standing Her Ground After Brett Kavanaugh Comments

Charles SykesBravo

Camille Grammer took a lot of heat after last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills but according to Lisa Rinna, her demeanor was quite impressive.

After Grammer was slammed by tons of social media users for defending Brett Kavanaugh against the accusations of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford during a dinner date with her co-stars, Rinna took to her Instagram page to applaud Bravo and their producers for airing the scene. She also applauded Grammer for sharing her unconventional opinions about the case.

“Thank you to [Andy Cohen], [Bravo TV], [and Evolution Media] for being brave enough to air this past episode and to my amazing cast mates who show up and are not afraid to be seen and heard,” she wrote, according to a report shared by All About the Real Housewives.

According to Rinna, she and her co-stars, including Grammer, don’t always agree. Even so, she was impressed by the bravery Grammer exhibited as she spoke about the sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh, which had been shared publicly during the time last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was filmed in 2018.

“We don’t always agree, but to have the courage to be your authentic self and to stay in the room when it gets hot and awkward and painful and uncomfortable, I applaud you,” Rinna wrote to Grammer.

During the show, Grammer questioned whether Dr. Ford was telling the truth and wondered why she waited so many years to tell someone about what had allegedly happened between her and the future judge when they were teens.

Grammer stuck by the comments she made about the Kavanaugh hearing during an after-show for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills but on Twitter, after facing a ton of backlash from her fans and followers, Grammer seemed to be in a much different place.

Last week, after a fan confronted Grammer by saying that many women don’t report sexual assaults they’ve experienced at the time they’ve occurred and suggested Grammer educate herself, Grammer responded by saying that she has educated herself on the topic since her comments were made on the show.

“I have, you are correct. Not all women do,” she tweeted.

Grammer is currently appearing in a part-time role on the show.

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