Meghan Markle Isn’t Actually Pregnant, Says A Group Of Haters Calling Themselves ‘Megxiteers’

Ian Vogler -WPA PoolGetty Images

Meghan Markle isn’t actually pregnant and is just faking it to hide the fact that she’s hired a surrogate. At least that is what a group of Meghan haters known as the “Megxiteers” is saying.

As The Daily Beast reports, a “bizarre cult” of people who really, really don’t like the Duchess of Sussex is claiming that all of the proof of Meghan’s pregnancy is a giant hoax to hide the fact that she and Prince Harry have hired a surrogate. And also, they wish Meghan would just go away (hence the group’s name, Megxiteers).

The Bogus Pregnancy

According to the Megxiteers, Meghan is simply putting on her pregnancy. Her expanding abdomen, they say, is simply a prosthetic. As “evidence,” they point to the “fact” that her navel appears to be in different positions in different photos, as well as the fact that she can bend over — something that pregnant women, particularly women whose pregnancies are as advanced as hers, can’t do easily (or at all). One Twitter user posted a video of her abdomen supposedly jiggling when she walked.

Of course, at this point it bears noting that photos and videos can be deceptive, especially considering the human brain’s tendency to supply information when there isn’t really any there. If you pore over every pixel of every frame looking for “evidence” to back up your belief, chances are you’re going to find it. Even if that “evidence” consists solely of the way the shadows responded to the way the light shone on the folds of a garment.

Meanwhile, the theory that Meghan isn’t actually pregnant further posits that the couple has hired a surrogate. The identity of that surrogate is either that of Talia Brown Thall, who used to be Meghan’s stylist, or some random woman who was spotted leaning against a wall at Westminster Abbey once while the couple walked by.

But Why Do Some People Not Like Meghan?

The “Megxiteers” support “Megxit,” that is, Meghan Markle exiting the royal family, England, and the world’s consciousness. But why?

It depends on whom you ask. It could be that Meghan is American, and an American marrying into the royal family just won’t do, especially considering that the last time an American married into the royal family, it almost destroyed the monarchy. Or it could be that Meghan is bi-racial? Or it could be because of rumors that Meghan and Harry are “snubbing” the queen’s household doctors and planning the birth of Baby Sussex according to their own desires, not those of the family?

Regardless of the reasons, there is certainly a contingent of people out there who hate the duchess, and they’re using rumors of a fake pregnancy to advance their hatred.

The Palace Treats Her Pregnancy As Real, For What It’s Worth

The royal family rarely responds to rumors, and in this case, it seems like a non-response is all the response these rumors are going to get. Buckingham Palace continues to speak of Meghan’s pregnancy as if it’s real and as if she’s the one who is pregnant, without specifically mentioning rumors to the contrary.