Instagram’s Russian Kim Kardashian, Anastasiya Kvitko, Flaunts Insane Curves In Red Bikini & Black Lingerie

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Instagram vixen Anastasiya Kvitko seems to be angling to blow up Instagram with the sultry video clip she posted to her page on Monday evening. The model, who has been dubbed the “Russian Kim Kardashian,” threw on a skimpy red bikini that was the perfect vehicle for flaunting her derriere and extreme hourglass figure.

Monday evening, Kvitko posted a very short clip to Instagram that served to showcase the curves she has built a brand on. Anastasiya was wearing a sultry thong bikini with thigh-high red boots, and rocked a chunky gold belt around her waist.

The model was standing on a balcony overlooking the ocean, and she twisted her torso so that those checking out the video could see both the front and the back view of her eye-popping physique. The view from the front showed off plenty of cleavage and underboob, along with Kvitko’s taut abs and slim waist. Anastasiya also flaunted her bodacious booty and curvy hips as she twisted to show off the view of the bikini from the back.

Kvitko now has 9.7 million followers on the social media site, and they were quick to respond to this particular post. Within less than 10 hours, the clip had been viewed more than 366,000 times. Anastasiya also received more than 1,700 comments on this sultry bikini clip, with many noting that her curves looked insane.

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Anastasiya also teased some salacious shots via her Instagram Stories over the course of the past day. Kvitko teased that she is driving a Ferrari for the next week, and that she is spending a lot of time at the breathtakingly beautiful Picasso of Malibu estate.

The “Russian Kim Kardashian” modeled several different lingerie sets for her fans, as well. She showed off her jaw-dropping curves in a number of outfits — and as she did so, she added thigh-high stockings or boots, revealing bustiers, stiletto heels, and plenty of other sexy accessories into the mix.

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Kvitko often notes which fashion brands she’s wearing, and she is typically partial to Fashion Nova, Oh Polly, and Pretty Little Thing. In this case, however, Anastasiya just posed — and drove her followers wild — without giving any brand shout-outs.

As The Inquisitr shared not long ago, Kvitko has actually posed while wearing this red bikini before. In a simple post she shared earlier this month, Kvitko was captured wearing the risque Fashion Nova piece.

While some fans may still refer to Anastasiya Kvitko as the “Russian Kim Kardashian,” the buxom model has made it clear that she has lofty goals of her own. She plans to grow her brand, and her presence, beyond any comparisons to others. Based on this latest post, it would seem that she’s well on her way to achieving her aims.