‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers: Reality Steve Predicts Hannah Brown’s Final 3 Suitors For 2019 Season

John FleenorABC

Filming for Hannah Brown’s season of ABC’s The Bachelorette is almost over, and new spoilers are emerging. She is currently making the rounds for the hometown dates with her final four men, and spoiler king Reality Steve is already pinpointing which of the four suitors he thinks will be eliminated next.

As The Inquisitr previously noted, The Bachelorette spoilers have detailed that Hannah’s final four suitors are Peter Weber, Tyler Cameron, Jed Wyatt, and Luke Parker. At this point, two of Brown’s hometowns have been filmed, and the other two are on the horizon. After that, one of these bachelors will be cut — and then it will be time for the overnight fantasy suite dates.

Peter was a surprise hometown date pick to those who had been following Bachelorette spoilers throughout this filming period. There has already been a fair amount of buzz over Luke, Tyler, and Jed, and as The Inquisitr detailed, Reality Steve’s Bachelorette spoilers suggest that Luke is the current frontrunner for Hannah’s final rose.

Now, in Reality Steve‘s latest blog post, he is adding some new Bachelorette spoilers. He indicates that the next rose ceremony will take place on Saturday, April 27, and he feels certain that Peter will be eliminated.

“I fully expect Peter to be eliminated on Saturday. Anything can happen, but from what I’ve heard all season, Jed, Luke, and Tyler were gonna be her final three for a while now.”

At this point, Reality Steve’s spoilers don’t yet reveal where Hannah and her final three men will head for the overnight dates — or where the final rose ceremony will take place. Filming moves forward relatively slowly from this point forward, continuing through that last rose presentation. More detailed Bachelorette spoilers about the upcoming filming spot will likely emerge over the next few days.

Hannah should wrap up filming of her season around May 8 — or shortly thereafter — and The Bachelorette premiere debuts on ABC on Monday, May 13. Will Brown find that the hometown dates lead to a shuffling of her frontrunners?

The past few seasons of The Bachelorette have seen the first impression rose recipient end up with the final rose, as well. Based on the spoilers available right now, that is still a possibility for Hannah, too, with Luke having received that initial rose during the first cocktail party.

Will Hannah Brown find the fierce love she is seeking? Will Luke Parker, Jed Wyatt, and Tyler Cameron be the final three — with Peter Weber getting the boot after hometowns? Reality Steve’s spoilers will break down additional The Bachelorette tidbits in the days ahead, and fans cannot wait to get started with this upcoming season.