Trump's Federal Reserve Pick Stephen Moore Criticized For Comments About Democracy, Women

Tyler MacDonald

Although President Donald Trump's first pick for one of two empty seats on the Federal Reserve Board has removed himself from consideration, Stephen Moore, his second pick for a seat, is still in the running. But not without controversy — Moore is facing criticism for his past comments about women and his views on the American way of governing, per USA Today.

During an interview with Michael Moore for his 2009 documentary, Capitalism: A Love Story, the conservative pundit said that he believes "capitalism is a lot more important than democracy."

"I'm not even a big believer in democracy. I always say that democracy can be two wolves and a sheep deciding what to have for dinner."

Moore also previously made controversial comments about women athletes and female sports broadcasters in his columns for the National Review. In a March 2001 column, he revealed that he provided his wife with "ground rules" to follow during the NCAA tournament, claiming that "she's not allowed to talk to me." In the same column, he criticized female announcers and commentators, drawing a parallel to "having wives attend a bachelor party."

"This speaks to a bigger and more serious social problem in America: the feminization of basketball generally."
"Women are sooo malleable! No wonder there's a gender gap."

Moore is facing criticism for what some call disrespect toward women and incompetence. Vocal critics include Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley and Representative Jennifer Wexton.

As The Inquisitr reported, Trump's previous nominee for the Federal Reserve Board, Herman Cain, withdrew himself from the nomination due to a lack of support from Congress. Cain previously ran as a Republican presidential candidate, but his campaign came to an end following accusations of assault from 1996 through 1999.