This Backstreet Boys Daughter Wants Dad To Quit Iconic Boy Band

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One of the Backstreet Boys’ daughters wants her dad to quit the iconic ’90s boy band that made him a household name and just be her “dad,” as suggested by a recently published interview.

A.J. McLean revealed to Entertaiment Tonight that his six-year-old daughter, Ava, just wants her father to stay at home and stop being out and about so much. Ava, who is a big sister to Lyric, 2, and daughter to A.J. and wife Rochelle, is feeling the crunch as McLean balances not only the recording of a solo album but the end of the band’s Las Vegas residency and the start of a new tour.

McLean noted to ET his daughter’s words have really affected him.

“My oldest… asked can I stop being a Backstreet Boy and just be her dad,” McLean said of a text he received from his oldest daughter. “Because my schedule has been really hectic lately between solo, between Vegas, between rehearsals for the ‘DNA World Tour’ and then going on tour.”

“That’s something that, like, a 16-year-old says. Not a 6-year-old,” McLean remarked. “Both my girls are extremely intelligent and they know now that if daddy’s leaving to go the mall, he’s back in a couple of hours, or if daddy leaves and he’s not coming back for a couple of weeks or months.”

The Backstreet Boys continue to tour and release new music over 20 years since the debut of their first album, Backstreet Boys, in 1996. The band has sold over 100 million records worldwide, and have maintained their original lineup for almost the entire run of their career.

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The group, which consists of McLean, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell, Nick Carter, and Kevin Richardson, was formed in Orlando, Florida, in 1993 by Lou Pearlman, the man who also founded ‘NSYNC. Pearlman would later be convicted of a Ponzi scheme where, for 20 years, he would allegedly convince banks and individuals to invest in fictitious companies. Pearlman would later be jailed for his crimes which included conspiracy, money laundering, and false bankruptcy proceedings, reported the website Crime Museum.

Pearlman died while in custody in 2016.

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The Backstreet Boys came together after McLean answered an ad in the Orlando Sentinel placed by Pearlman looking for singers for a vocal group. He was quickly hired, followed by Carter, Dorough, Richardson and finally, Richardson’s cousin Littrell.

The Backstreet Boys’ latest album, the 2019 release DNA, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard charts.