Halsey Reveals Injuries From Naked Rock Climbing Session

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Halsey is showing off her battle scars from her recent naked rock climbing session.

According to Hollywood Life, Halsey has been taking a beating as of late. The singer, who took to Instagram to show off the bruised knees she got during a night of dancing, is now showing off injuries to her bare back, which she got after going rock climbing in the nude.

The adventurous songbird warns fans not to go rock climbing without any clothes on unless they are prepared to suffer some scrapes and scuffs.

In the photo, Halsey’s bare back is seen with red scrapes and welts all over it. Her small back tattoo, which reads “nightmare,” is visible, as is some ink on her side.

The singer also sports what appears to be a cast on her middle finger and some dark polish on her nails. Just two days before her injured back photo, Halsey posted pictures of her bare legs, which showed bruises and cuts on her knees, proving that she’s a bit banged up at the moment.

Choreographer Dani Vitale took responsibility for Halsey’s bruised knees, and although the singer never officially revealed how she got the injuries, many fans believe they came during rehearsals for her video with BTS on their collaboration, “Boy With Luv.”

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don’t go rock climbing naked. or do. do you.

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As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Halsey recently opened up about a very serious and heartbreaking issue she’s had in her life, which is her battle with endometriosis, a reproductive condition that affects the uterus.

The singer revealed that the condition has caused her a lot of pain in her life, including surgeries and miscarriages.

“I have endometriosis. I’ve had 3 miscarriages, 4 surgeries, pretty much in pain every day of my life, and I’ve donated/raised upwards of $300,000 in the name of research and support. I’m not trying to be quirky. Or different. I’m just trying to normalized an under discussed illness,” Halsey tweeted to her followers last month.

As many fans of the singer already know, Halsey has been very open about her life and has spoken out about living on the streets, and even being forced to debate whether or not to turn to prostitution in order to get money to buy herself food.

The singer told Rolling Stone that at one point she only had $9 to her name and used it to buy energy drinks so that she could stay awake for days because it was safer to stay awake than to find a place to sleep on the street where she could have easily been raped or kidnapped.

Halsey has become an advocate and role model to women across the country, who love to see her speaking her truth and being herself whether she’s marching at a rally or rock climbing naked.