Meghan Markle’s Birthday Message To Prince Louis Drops Instagram A Giant ‘Hint’

Ben BirchallGetty Images

Breaking down official messages from royals mostly proves tricky. Strict protocol appears to limit the British royal family, in particular, but dedicated individuals are always out to spot something.

On April 22, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry took to the Kensington Royal Instagram, where the couple left a sweet birthday message for Prince Louis – Kate Middleton and Prince William’s son has just turned one. Meghan and Harry’s message does not come as a standalone update. It is, rather, a comment to pictures of a smiling Louis posted by the palace. Their caption announced Kate and William as “delighted” to be sharing snaps of their son “ahead of his first birthday tomorrow.”

Meghan and Harry’s reply is brief. The former Suits actress and her husband send Louis their best on his special day, but their “xo” ending is now making headlines.

The Express has called the use of the “xo” a “social media hint.” Despite coming from Meghan and Harry’s joint (and very official) @sussexroyal Instagram account, the newspaper suggests that the message was written by Meghan. The clue lies in the “kiss and hug” letters – Meghan used this sign of affection back when she had her own social media accounts. Prior to becoming the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan’s 2016 post to her father ended with “I love you xo – Bean.” Something similar was seen as far back as 2011 when “XO, Meghan Markle” was used to send birthday wishes to an In Style editor.

Minor as the detail may seem, it takes on a more major meaning in the context of Meghan being a royal. Void of the ability to post freely to social media, this family mostly communicates with fans via a plethora of spokespersons, correspondents, and palace officials.

Meghan herself underwent a marked transformation as she transitioned from Hollywood actress to royal. Alongside ditching a wardrobe of jeans and tank tops in favor of royal-appropriate shift dresses, hats, and court shoes, the actress was forced to shut down her Instagram and Twitter accounts. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande may leave heartfelt comments or emoji on fellow celebrity Instagram accounts, but kisses and hugs are rarely seen from royal figures.

Markle’s social media activity now appears limited to @sussexroyal. The account has already caused controversy. Its April launch came with accusations that @sussexroyal had been “[stolen]”, per Cosmopolitan. A British driving instructor named Kevin Keiley claimed to have had the Instagram handle taken without his permission.

As it is less about the controversy and more about Meghan possibly breaking royal protocol, today’s @sussexroyal activity is nonetheless making headlines.