Taylor Swift Sends Fans Into A Meltdown Over Her Latest Clothing Display

Rich PolkGetty Images

Taylor Swift sure knows how to demand attention but in the most subtle way. She has been seen roaming around in New York City and now fans, who are lovingly called Swifties, are seeing flashes of pink dancing in their heads. There is a reason for that as the anticipation of something big coming from the pop singer is getting closer than ever.

Whatever Taylor Swift does, she does it big. Needless to say, she loves her fans and is all about keeping it fun and interesting for them. Her latest outfit appears to be yet another hint of a special announcement coming from the “Blank Space” singer. The Daily Mail revealed some recent photos of Swift arriving home to her New York City apartment on Monday. The tips of her blond locks were dyed pink, and she was showing off some serious leg in a summer-ready outfit.

Her clothing choice seemed to keep in theme with the recent hints that have been popping up on Taylor Swift’s social media accounts. Her Instagram has fans seeing pink and has kept them guessing as to what it all means. Now with her latest outfit, things may be getting real.

Swift was wearing a pair of pink flowery shorts and a matching long-sleeve cropped sweatshirt displaying the same pink flowers on the front. What is really interesting is the detail on the sleeve that has Swifties excited.

Eagle-eyed fans caught the glimpse of Taylor’s name printed on one of the sleeves on her shirt. That has to mean something, right? She doesn’t seem to do anything without a purpose when she is attempting to drop major hints of an upcoming announcement.

While it was originally thought to be hints of new music coming out on April 26, now fans are wondering if it could be something totally different. Could it be that Taylor Swift will be announcing a brand new clothing line? Swifties seem to think so.

They could very well be right. Swift’s Instagram photos show glitter, jewels, ruffles, pastel handbags, and plenty of pink. There is also a photo of what could be called cool chicks, which is translated to chickens with sunglasses on. However, the bicycle photo may have some scratching their heads.

TS7 is coming soon. The countdown is on as Taylor Swift gears up to set the world on fire yet again this Friday. It could all be leading up to a brand new single, news of a new album being dropped, or another big project that she has in store. Stay tuned.