Daily Dose of ‘General Hospital’: Kristina Blasts Alexis During Family Intervention

Craig SjodinABC Press

Monday’s General Hospital had Neil arranging a family meeting for Kristina to share her feelings with Sonny, Alexis, and Michael as part of her intervention. She doesn’t think that any of this will help, but Neil pushes her to confront her family about why she was drawn to Dawn of Day. It all got a bit uncomfortable, especially for Alexis.

Kristina wanted to know why Molly and Sam weren’t there. She thought that they didn’t invite Sam because she was now seeing things her way with Dawn of Day. As for Molly, Alexis told her that it was best not to get her involved because of the friction between them over the cult. Soap Central indicated that Molly assumes that her sister has finally come to her senses. That General Hospital spoiler for Tuesday doesn’t give any more details, but Molly may be a little upset that she wasn’t in on the family’s intervention.

Alexis seemed to be the main target of Kristina’s anger, as she blasted her mom for always answering her phone and “disappearing” when she does. She claimed that her parents don’t respect her. She looked at her mother and told her that Alexis never let her forget her mistakes and that she would be loved more if she were different.

Kristina has always been the Davis girl who has never learned from her mistakes. It doesn’t appear that she has grown up and taken responsibility for her own actions. Even TJ told Molly on Monday that he thinks it hasn’t helped Kristina when everyone keeps bailing her out of her bad life choices. He seems to speak the truth.

Michael seemed to break down Kristina’s barriers a bit. He told her that she is perceptive enough to see that Shiloh wants her to trust him completely so that she doesn’t trust herself at all. He invited her to come and live with him at the Quartermaines’ place. She told him that she made a promise and that meant that she could never go home.

That statement is most likely about the trust pledge that she wrote to Shiloh to keep her in line with Dawn of Day. She had promised that she would never leave the cult as Shiloh’s way of manipulating the minds of his followers. Of course, Kristina could very well be doing her own form of manipulating her family into gaining their trust a bit and breaking them down.

On Tuesday’s General Hospital, Alexis will make a huge mistake and will soon regret it. Keep watching to see if Kristina really has taken a step in the right direction or if she was just trying to fool her family into thinking that she has.