Jax Taylor Explains ‘Horribly’ Edited ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Dinner Scene With Brittany Cartwright’s Dad, Brothers

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Jax Taylor is setting the record straight about an awkward dinner conversation he had with the men in fiancée Brittany Cartwright’s family when they flew to Los Angeles for the couple’s s engagement party. On the most recent episode of Vanderpump Rules, Taylor, 39, faced off with his future father and brothers-in-law as they made it apparent they hadn’t forgotten that Jax cheated on Brittany with fellow SUR employee Faith Stowers earlier in the couple’s relationship.

After reminding Jax that he “screwed up royally,” Brittany’s dad and brothers questioned him about properly “loving and cherishing” his future bride. Taylor’s response was shocking. In the clip, Jax made it seem as though he was going to put his needs before anything.

“I love Brittany more than anything but I gotta take care of [me] first. I’m always gonna be number one.”

In a confessional interview, Taylor also ripped into Brittany’s Kentucky family, questioning what decade they are living in as they grilled him about taking care of his bride-to-be.

It’s no surprise that Jax Taylor’s shocking admission to his future family had Vanderpump Rules fans up in arms. Many viewers posted to Twitter to blast Jax for being so disrespectful toward Brittany’s father and brothers.

“I feel so bad for Brittany’s brothers & dad,” one Vanderpump Rules fan tweeted. “The utter lack of respect Jax is showing them is awful—ESPECIALLY after what he did. REAL men who’re secure in their masculinity are gracious & respectful. Jax, you’re not impressing anyone.”

Other called Jax “selfish” and a narcissist and predicted his marriage to Brittany Cartwright is already doomed two months before they’re set to tie the knot.

He’s not going to change EVER,” one angry viewer tweeted of Jax.” B’s Dad knows. We ALL know. So sorry Brittany.”

But Jax Taylor fired back at his haters even as the episode aired. In a lengthy Instagram post just ahead of the uncomfortable scene, Jax defended his statements and called out the Vanderpump Rules editors for a horrible editing job.

In his post, Jax explained that what he meant was that he “mentally” has to put himself first in order to take care of his wife and future kids. The Bravo star added that he believes everyone needs to put themselves first so they can be there for their loved ones. Taylor also pointed out that he has made many positive strides over the past two years, before blasting the editors of the Bravo reality show for painting him in a negative light.

“In 7 years never once complained about editing, but this scene was edited horribly.”

Taylor revealed that he even spoke to Brittany’s father, Don, after the episode aired and he agreed that the way the conversation aired on TV was “not how it went” during the guys-only chat.

You can see Jax Taylor’s full explanation for the Vanderpump Rules scene below.

After the Vanderpump Rules episode aired, Jax Taylor said he believes both he and Brittany Cartwright need to look out for themselves first before they walk down the aisle.

“When we get married, that’s a whole different thing, because now I’m responsible for her and I do believe in taking care of my family and I 100 percent will,” Jax said, per People.“That being said, she needs to take care of me too. I need love too. It goes both ways. If I’m not happy, how am I supposed to make you happy?”

Taylor explained that he has to take care of himself first to make sure his mind “is right.” The Vanderpump Rules star also confirmed that he still goes to therapy and that he regularly checks in with himself.

Taylor and Cartwright started dating in 2015, but their four-year relationship has been a bit of a rollercoaster. After Jax cheated on Brittany, the couple worked things out and Brittany was ultimately there for Jax when his father, Ronald Cauchi, passed away in late 2017. Taylor also hired a Hollywood life coach to help him work through grief and other personal issues.

In June 2018, Jax proposed to Brittany at the Malibu eatery Neptune’s Net, as Bravo’s cameras rolled. The couple’s wedding planning has played out this season on Vanderpump Rules.

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright will wed June 29, 2019, at the Kentucky Castle in Versailles, Kentucky.

Vanderpump Rules airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.