Jordyn Woods Dons A Mesh Bikini Top On Instagram

Jordyn wears a black dress.
Phillip Faraone / Getty Images

Jordyn Woods shared a new photo with her Instagram fans today, and it showed her standing in front of the ocean. The black-and-white image showed her rocking a mesh bikini top, which she wore under a flowing, light sweater along with what looks like a pair of high-waisted pants. She accessorized with oversized sunglasses and a short-brimmed hat, along with a purse that she wrapped around her waist. Jordyn was spotted with her left hand on her hat, and the photo has already received over 57,000 likes in the first 20 minutes since it’s been posted.

But that’s not all, as Woods shared another photo yesterday of her colorful outfit. The Instagram update was comprised of three photos, two which showed off her dress from behind and one which was a selfie. The dress had tan panels on the sides and some on the back, along with squares of super colorful designs. The second photo revealed that her hair was so long that it reached beyond her derrière, while the third photo gave fans a better sense of her makeup that day. Jordyn sported super glossy lipstick, purple eyeshadow, and mascara. She accessorized with multiple necklaces and rocked drop earrings that were super eye-catching. Each earring was made up of three, gold circular links.

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While most of the attention has been placed on Woods’ drama with the Kardashians, she opened up to PopSugar about some of her personal life.

“It’s interesting, because self-care is the most important care, but it’s different to everyone. Some people’s version of self-care is turning off their phone, for some people it’s getting a nice facial or pampering themselves, and for me self-care is just taking the time to do things that I feel are therapeutic and will also make me feel better. I love taking baths, that’s like my new thing I love to do. Just sitting in the bath for a while, writing… having a book and just writing down all of my thoughts of the day.”


Whatever the case, it looks like Jordyn is having a blast right now. Her newest posts are geotagged in Nigeria, and fans can probably expect to see more from her as her trip progresses. You can always check on her Instagram Stories for more details. Like right now, she shared a bikini selfie video as a Story. This was the same bikini as the one in her newest post. But thanks to the Stories being in color, it’s possible to know that her outfit was white while her sunglasses were brown.

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