Florida Man Gets Laid Out By The Easter Bunny During Wild Brawl On Orlando Street, Viral Video Shows

Christopher FurlongGetty Images

A Florida man just learned the hard way, you don’t mess around near the Easter Bunny.

A wild viral video taken on the streets of Orlando showed a shirtless man and a shirted woman tossing wild punches at each other and wrestling to the ground on a sidewalk, just outside a nightclub. A Good Samaritan dressed in an Easter Bunny costume ran toward the two and tried to pull them apart, but apparently lost its patience and started pummeling the older man, who appeared to be the aggressor.

As Fox News reported, the fight continued for a few more seconds as bystanders shouted until a police officer arrived and put an end to it. The Easter Bunny appeared to be pleased with the outcome, as the video showed afterward he danced around and shadowboxed to celebrate his victory.

Video of the brawl was posted on Instagram and quickly went viral, garnering millions of viewers across a number of platforms. The man who took the video told FOX35 Orlando that the Easter Bunny was something of a peacemaker at first, trying to stop the fight after the man had bumped into the woman outside the nightclub. He then unleashed his fists of fury when the fight didn’t come to an end.

“As you can see, the Easter rabbit been taking boxing classes,” said the man, who goes by the name workfth on Instagram.

This is not the first time that a holiday figure has gotten into a stick situation. Back in 2016, a man whose legal name is Santa Claus was arrested by police in Idaho after they pulled him over for driving the wrong way down a one-way street and was found to be driving drunk. Court records showed that he officers took two samples of his blood alcohol content, which read 0.130 and 0.119.

As KXLY reported, the jolly, bearded 67-year-old man was known for spreading Christmas cheer in Spokane, Washington.

“Just trying to do my little part you know,” Santa Claus told the news outlet.

“Things are getting so fast and crazy and I see a lot of people trying to get back to slowing things down and getting back to how things used to be.”

It’s not clear if the Easter Bunny would face any legal trouble for entering the brawl on the Orlando street, but it seems clear that clubgoers will think twice before they brawl near him again.