Protesters Climb Up And Sit On Top Of The Globe At Universal Studios Hollywood

Patrick T. FallonGetty Images

Earth Day is typically one of those days of the year when people like to honor their planet and get the message across regarding her survival. At the same time, there are many others who want to get different messages across as well and that’s what some tried to do in California. A group of protesters went to Universal Studios Hollywood, climbed up on top of the rotating globe icon, and began waving flags in the air.

According to NBC San Diego, a group known as the Extinction Rebellion LA sent a couple of members out to Universal Studios on Monday to deliver their message. The group is looking to get action taken on climate change and they are focusing their attention on NBC and Universal with the hope that they’ll join in.

The members of the activist group went out to the rotating globe in Universal CityWalk and climbed up to the top of it as it continued to spin around. They hopped up on it around lunchtime when there were a great number of people in the area and they would most definitely be seen.

It didn’t take long before those around the country and the world began to notice them thanks to social media. On top of that, a number of news stations also made it out to Universal Studios Hollywood and began filming the situation as it was going on.

Fliers were being passed out by the group and the Extinction Rebellion LA is hoping that NBC will actually help them. They are hoping to receive assistance in telling the “whole truth” about the climate and ecological emergency that the world is going through.

Along with asking for help, the group wants NBC to reject all advertising from fossil fuel corporations, agree to be zero-carbon by 2025, and publish an annual eco-audit from all of their operations. On top of that, Extinction Rebellion LA wants a particular spokesperson to discuss their goals and approach with viewers.

It didn’t take overly long for the authorities to be brought out to Universal Studios Hollywood, but team members formed a human chain at one point to keep guests away from the protesters. Firefighters made their way out as well and brought their truck to get the activists off of the top of the globe.

The official Facebook page of the group did say that one of their members was arrested after the incident.

Earth Day 2019 is one that has brought about events around the world where people are celebrating the planet while also looking for help and change. Some are doing it on social media while others choose to do it through speeches and marches, but others decided to take it a step further. the Extinction Rebellion Los Angeles felt the need to protest and ask NBC for assistance by climbing on top of the giant globe at Universal Studios Orlando, and it brought attention but also an arrest.