Georgia Fowler Sizzles In A Purple Bikini In Latest Snapshot

Mark MetcalfeGetty Images

Kiwi beauty Georgia Fowler recently took to her Instagram account and stunned her fans with a throwback bikini picture. The 26-year-old model posted the sexy picture — together with other scenic pictures of nature — to celebrate the Earth Day.

In the bikini snapshot, the hottie was featured wearing a skimpy, purple-colored bikini that accentuated her perfect figure as she struck a side pose while standing at a beach and looking towards the sea. Georgia opted for a makeup-free look and let her hair down while she accessorized with a colorful garland in her neck.

In the consecutive pictures, Georgia showed her fans how beautiful the Earth is and how important it is for human beings to protect Mother Nature from the harmful effects of smog, global warming and the current ocean pollution for the sake of future generations.

She reminded her fans that although the damage is already done, all is not lost and we can still play our part by adopting the four Rs: reducing, reusing, recycling, and respecting the earth.

Within a few minutes of having been posted, Georgia’s post became a hit, garnering more than 8,000 likes. While most people — including various NGOs and bodies that work for the environment — appreciated the model for her concern for the Earth, others solely focused on the model’s sexy body and the scenic pictures.

While most of the commentators agreed with Georgia that everyone must play their part in preserving the Earth’s beauty, there were many critical comments on the pictures too.

One person, for instance, strongly criticized the model and called her a hypocrite because she travels in an airplane all the time which is one of the major contributors of global warming.

“Hahaha, says someone who flies business/first class around the world every second day. Air travel has a massive impact on the environment/climate change,” the person reminded Georgia.

“If you want to do your bit, then maybe fly economy.”

The commentator also said that if Georgia is so concerned, she shouldn’t take so many jobs that require travel, adding that she has already earned a lot of money so she travels out of greed rather than need.

Georgia’s fans came for her support and lambasted the commentator, calling the poster a hater, while another one said that she made an illogical point because it makes no difference whether someone travels in economy class or business class.

According to an article by Atlas Magazine, Georgia revealed that she has been traveling since a very young age and she was about two weeks old on her first plane trip.

“I traveled with my family non-stop growing up. We were in a different city every week as my dad was a touring golf pro in Europe and Australia.”

She also revealed that her first memorable trip was to Italy because the country blew her away through its architecture and food.