Powerball: Missouri Winners Give Back

Camden Point, MO – Some Missouri Powerball winners have decided to give back to their hometown.

After winning half of the biggest Powerball jackpot in US history, Mark Hill isn’t acting like he won anything. Mark still meets friends for morning coffee at a local convenience store.

Mark Hill had considered buying a Camaro with his winnings, but he opted for a much more practical vehicle instead. He got a pick-up truck.

A lot of lottery winners spend their fortunes like there’s no tomorrow until there literally is no tomorrow. Mark and Cindy Hill won half of a $587 million Powerball jackpot in November, which after taxes left them with a measly $136 million (measly if you’re Bill Gates).

According to Yahoo News, Walt Stubbs, a former high school classmate of the Hills, said of the couple:

“They are very conservative people. They are doing some really nice things for the community and they’ve taken care of their family.”

Mark and Cindy Hill are giving money to civic projects in Camden Point, and still live in Dearborn, Missouri, just as before coming into the winnings.

The Hills will pay for a new fire station and ball field, and have given the town more than $50,000 for a new sewage treatment plant, Mayor Kevin Boydston said. Their generosity is being directed toward improving their hometown’s way of life. Boydston stated:

“I’ve said all along that these lottery winnings could not have gone to a better couple. They are giving back to the community, just like they said they would.”

How do you feel about these Missouri Powerball winners giving back to their hometown?