Ain’t Misbehavin’: Gary Busey Told To Watch Himself Ahead Of Oscars

Gary Busey has been invited to an Oscars night party, but that invitation comes with a warning: Busey has been told to mind his p’s and q’s while he’s there.

Because of previous run-ins with other celebrities and that whole thing about “being Gary Busey,” the 68-year-old actor has been threatened with a lifetime ban from the Night of 100 Stars gathering if he acts up, reports MSN.

Sports agent Norby Walters is in charge of the ceremony, which enters its 23rd year this weekend at the Beverly Hills Hotel. After the stars celebrate Hollywood’s biggest event of the year, many will attend a number of high-profile parties like Night of 100 Stars, only this year, they won’t be bothered by Busey.

Walters told the New York Daily News that he’s already warned Busey “I called him at his house last week and told him, ‘Be warned, if you get a bit nutsy (crazy), you will get kicked out.'”

Walters noted that his warning to Busey was merely courtesy, and that he doesn’t consider the eccentric actor to be a bad person.

“He’s not a bad guy, just nutsy. It’s just that he growls and barks. I warned him if you growl, get in anybody’s face and if you have anything other than a nice chat, then you will never be invited back again. ‘Here’s the deal: The hotel says they will not tolerate your bulls**t. So sit there and enjoy hanging out with your old friends.'”

Hopefully we’re not writing a “Gary Busey banned for life from Night of 100 Stars” article in a few days. Or maybe I do hope that, I don’t know.

Do you think that warning Gary Busey is enough to keep him from being himself?

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