Elizabeth Hurley Shows Off Ample Amounts Of Cleavage In Tiffany Blue Bikini

Anthony HarveyGetty Images

With a swimwear line of her own, Elizabeth Hurley is a pro when it comes to modeling bikinis.

While many fans know Hurley from the countless movies and television shows that she has appeared in over the past few decades, she has something of a new career in swimwear. Hurley is now the proud owner of the Elizabeth Hurley Beach label, and she sells everything from bikinis to resort wear. Now, the 53-year-old uses both her business Instagram account as well as her personal Instagram feed to post bikini-clad pictures for her army of fans.

In the most recent photo posted to the Elizabeth Hurley Beach page, the brunette beauty looks absolutely stunning as she models one of the pieces from her line. In the image, the Bedazzled actress stands with a few green trees behind her back and smiles for the snapshot. The Hollywood starlet looks incredible as she is photographed from the waist up, with Elizabeth rocking a Tiffany blue bikini from her line.

Elizabeth shows off ample amounts of cleavage in the picture, nearly spilling out of the swimsuit. The 53-year-old wears her sun-kissed locks down, and accessorizes with a pair of two-toned sunglasses. In the brief time that has elapsed since the post was first shared, it has already earned Liz a ton of attention from her loyal followers — attracting thousands of likes in addition to 300-plus comments.

While most fans commented on Hurley’s post to let her know that she looks totally amazing, countless others confessed that they would love to purchase the suit — especially since it looks so good on the mother of one.

“You are candy for the eyes,” one of Hurley’s fans wrote.

“What’s your secret? You look beautiful and amazing figure!! I’m your age and I look nothing like you,” a second admirer remarked.

“Your natural smile… You’re just stunningly beautiful,” another user gushed.

Luckily for fans, Elizabeth recently shared a few of her secrets to looking so beautiful and ageless in an interview with Women’s Health Magazine. Hurley tells fans that she maintains such a great figure by combining three things — exercise, nutritious foods, and relaxing activities. While the stunner eats well-balanced meals throughout the day, she says that her go-to meal is a piece of chicken — and a ton of veggies to go along with it.

As far as exercise goes, Hurley likes to take her beloved dogs on 30-minute walks. The walks are just brisk enough to get her heart rate up. In addition to that, she also dabbles in yoga and Pilates.