Kim Kardashian’s Dopplegänger And Kylie Jenner Lookalike Sister Appear To Be Fooling The Whole Of Instagram

Sonia Ali/Kim KardashianInstagram

Not many celebrity lookalikes come as a double act. Dubai-based sisters Sonia and Fyza Ali are just that. They’re dead-ringers for Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner (and Instagram can’t handle it).

On April 21, Kim’s dopplegänger Sonia updated her Instagram. Slate-gray, metallic-effect pants and a matching cropped top appear a direct replication of Kim’s recent Yeezy looks. Dubbed “space pants” on Sonia’s Instagram update, the athleisurewear bottoms come complete with chunky sneakers, a dark-haired ponytail, and a plethora of comments – everybody seems to think that Sonia and Kim share DNA. While the majority of Sonia’s fan base has come to accept the uncanny resemblance, newer recruits still appear stumped. One fan expressed clear confusion.

“girl I thought you was kimK.”

Sonia has been at this a while. Back in 2016, The Daily Mail was asking the public if it could tell the two women apart. Most surprisingly comes Sonia’s own admission – Sonia does not appear to fully acknowledge her near-twin status with the KKW Beauty founder, as the newspaper reports. That said, this Middle East sensation understands the reason why she is so frequently approached, per Buzzfeed.

“I always get it at airports and when I’m shopping, more when I visit the USA.”

Engagement on Sonia and Fyza’s joint Instagram account is high. The sisters have 972,00 followers.

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#Tb To #LA ☀️ summer 17

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Arguably more jolting than Sonia’s solo snaps are those featuring her younger sister, Fyza. Evidently, while Sonia handles being Kim’s double, Fyza takes care of being Kylie Jenner. Much like Kim and Kylie’s KKW Beauty and Kylie Cosmetics collaborations, these sisters have also joined forces in the makeup business. Sonia x Fyza Beauty has a “coming soon” status on Instagram. The soon-to-launch cosmetics range already receives mentions on recent posts made by Sonia.

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Still feels like summer ☀️ ????????

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Comments mentioning the Kardashian-Jenner sisters appear in nearly every post from Sonia and Fyza’s account.

“Thought it was like Kylie and Kim.”

Despite their genes, Sonia and Ali appear to go all out in adding the finishing touches to their dopplegänger posts. Their faces come contoured in traditional Kardashian-style. Their wardrobes keep up with Kim and Kylie’s latest looks. As per Kim’s late-night McDonald’s Instagram posts, the fast-food chain’s logo also features on the lookalike account.

Most persuasive, perhaps, are Sonia’s makeup videos. While these likely receive lower viewings compared to Kim’s tutorials, they are nonetheless proof of Dubai’s confidence in having the best Kim equivalent around.

Neither Kim nor Kylie follows Sonia and Fyza on Instagram. The account is, however, followed by model and mother to Rob Kardashian’s daughter, Blac Chyna.