Gisele Bundchen Poses In Nude Lace Dress On The Beach For A Sultry Earth Day Message

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Gisele Bundchen is celebrating Earth Day as only a supermodel can: by striking a sultry pose on an idyllic beach under a dark blue sky. The 38-year-old Brazilian native posted an image to Instagram, one showing her lounging on the sand in a nude lace dress. There, Gisele sent out a message of love and concern for the planet on Earth Day.

The stunning portrait shows Gisele — her famous tousled locks tossed over her arm — as she lays on a sandy beach in a high neck, long-sleeved lace dress. Behind her, the frothy waves rush up to meet her back, and the wispy clouds in the sky seem to point the viewer towards her prone form. The model captioned the image with a message encouraging people to consider the damage we have done to Earth, and to take steps to help the planet heal.

In the post, she warns readers that the Earth has lost a third of its “skin” through deforestation and the loss of biodiversity, and says that nothing can lose that much of its protection without dying. She goes on to urge people not to take the planet for granted, and to make positive changes to help reverse the course of destruction.

The post garnered nearly 100,000 likes from the model’s 15.3 million followers in under 30 minutes of having been posted.

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A wise friend of mine gave me a simple yet profound explanation for what is happening today with our planet. “Any living thing that loses one-third of its skin suffers a high fever and is at great risk of dying. This is what is happening to the earth: it has lost one-third of its skin—the trees, the soil, and all the biodiversity surrounding it. Yet instead of helping to regenerate and replenish what has been stripped away, we keep on pillaging and ravaging her.” If someone is sick, you don’t keep doing things that make them sicker, you help them heal! Many people take the soil, the food, the water, the air, and all the gifts that it provides us for granted. Many more believe we are entitled to just take and take from it without a thought of nourishing it back. We’re not! The Earth has been giving us clear signs that we must change our ways. There needs to be balance between how much we need for our survival and how much we need to give back. If we want to thrive, it’s time we take responsibility, change our ways, and start honoring this planet that sustains all of our lives. This is our only home. #earthday ???? Um sábio amigo me deu uma explicação simples e profunda sobre o que está acontecendo com o nosso planeta. “Qualquer coisa viva que perca um terço de sua pele sofre com febre alta e corre grande risco de morrer.  E é isso que está acontecendo com a terra que já perdeu um terço de sua pele — as árvores, o solo, o oceano e a biodiversidade que a cerca. Mesmo assim, em vez de ajudar a plantar e restaurar o que foi arrancado, nós continuamos saqueando e destruindo”. Se alguém está doente não seguimos fazendo coisas para deixá-lo mais doente, nós tentamos ajudar! Muitas pessoas não dão o devido valor ao planeta, aos alimentos que comemos e à água que bebemos. Muitos acreditam que temos o direito de nos apropriar de tudo o que a natureza tem a oferecer. Mas não temos! A Terra tem nos dado sinais claros de que devemos mudar o que estamos fazendo. Se quisermos prosperar, é hora de tomar responsabilidade, arregaçar as mangas, fazer algo para ajudar, e começar a honrar este planeta que sustenta todas as nossas vidas. Esta é a nossa única casa. #diadaterra

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It’s not the first time that Gisele Bundchen has encouraged people to consider their impact on the planet. In March, for International Forest Day, she posted an Instagram message of herself posing on a platform while overlooking a green forest. Low-lying mist could be seen in the background.

“Forests are essential for life on Earth. They are part of our lives in more ways than we realize: they help clean the air we breathe and prevent soil erosion, prevent flooding and replenish groundwater. Forests help in controlling humidity and temperature, influencing rain cycles, as well as providing food, water, medicine, and sheltering invaluable biodiversity,” she wrote. “We need standing forests not only to ensure balanced climatic conditions on our planet, but also to enable us to continue enjoying the wonders that nature offers us.”

It isn’t just Earth-focused holidays which prompt the model to talk about the environment. Bundchen often posts about getting out and enjoying nature. In February, she wrote an Instagram post wherein she talked about enjoying the sounds of nature and the feel of the ground beneath her bare feet, saying that it heals her and makes her feel balanced.