‘General Hospital’ Monday Spoilers: Laura’s Horrified, Sonny’s Especially Cautious & Shiloh’s Egging Jason On

John SciulliGetty Images

General Hospital spoilers tease that fans will not want to miss the episode set to air on Monday, April 22. Laura and Kevin are about to get a big shock, and Ava has a favor to ask of Scotty. Sonny is worried about the secret Kristina passed along to Shiloh, and there’s another round of needling between Shiloh and Jason on the way.

As The Inquisitr previously detailed, Laura and Kevin were about to open up a box that he had received just as Friday’s episode ended. The sneak peek for Monday’s show, shared via Twitter, reveals that whatever is inside will make Laura recoil in horror. General Hospital spoilers tease that the contents of the box will be truly gruesome.

Naturally, many fans have speculated that it’s Ryan’s right hand that is in the box. If that is the case, then there is some explaining to do, as the authorities should still have that hand.

Some viewers speculate that Ryan may have killed whoever has helped him, and may be sending part of that person along. Others have wondered where Faison’s brain is these days, as Kevin used to have it in his office. A few fans have also wondered if it could be Ryan’s hand simply being returned to Kevin — as next of kin — with the case closed. The speculation is that the box is not from someone named Chamberlain, but rather, it’s labeled as being connected to him.

In addition, SheKnows Soaps details that Kevin will receive a “warm invitation” of some sort during Monday’s show. That tidbit likely makes fans cringe, particularly if this mystery invitation also happens to be connected to the contents of that box.

Scotty will spend time with Ava, and he’ll ask what kind of plan she’s cooking up. She’ll try to convince him to play her boyfriend — so she can lure Ryan back to Port Charles — but General Hospital spoilers suggest that he’ll say no, as she will be rejected in some sense during the April 22 episode. Eventually, Kevin will step up to help.

The preview for the next show also reveals that there will be a lot of scrambling regarding Dawn of Day throughout Port Charles. Kristina will be feisty as she confronts Neil, but General Hospital spoilers suggest that Neil will have some success in getting through to her. Executive producer Frank Valentini teased, via Twitter, that Neil will get through to Krissy — but she may backslide before this is all over.

In addition, Sonny will tell Carly and Sam that they need to ensure that Krissy’s secret is never revealed. Of course, he’s been worried that the secret reveals something about him. However, as The Inquisitr detailed, the secret concerns Alexis, and the accident that killed Kiefer.

Jason and Shiloh will cross paths at the gym, and General Hospital spoilers note that Jason will have to keep his cool as Shiloh pushes his buttons about how close he’s getting to Sam. As the week moves forward, things will get even more complicated. The PCPD gets involved in looking for Kristina, and the Corinthos/Davis crew try to stay out of legal trouble.

What’s in the box which Kevin and Laura open? Will Ava’s scheme be successful? General Hospital spoilers hint that there are juicy developments coming throughout this week, and viewers will have a lot to buzz about.