Harry Styles Wants To See More Of Model Millie Brady

Harry Styles wants to see more of model Millie Brady (aka Minnie Brady).

Harry and Millie were together after the BRIT Awards in London Wednesday and she was still with him the next morning when he took her to BBC Radio 1 studios the next morning, according to a report in The Sun:

“Nothing actually happened between them that night — there were too many people about. But there was some pretty serious flirting going on.”

At BBC Radio, Harry showed her around the studios before she left for work. Harry was at the studio to co-host the Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw.

Harry is 19. Millie, short for Camilla, is 20. Friends told The Sun that Harry and Millie plan to go out again this weekend or next week, but it will probably be a group outing to London clubs. They don’t want it to look like a serious date.

Millie is represented by Premier Model Management where she uses the nickname Minnie not Millie. This video from Premier gives us a look at the girl who just might be replacing Taylor Swift in the One Direction singer’s heart.