WWE Spoilers: A New Era Begins On ‘Monday Night Raw,’ And What Is With The Creepy Videos?


The WWE Superstar Shake-Up is officially over for 2019, but the fallout from all of the different moves has yet to be felt. This is the first week with the superstars in their new roles, and it’s a brand new era for Monday Night Raw with the arrival of A.J. Styles, Naomi, The Usos, and many others. With new faces, new champions, and new storylines, it’s time to see where this new era be headed.

The official WWE website revealed this week’s preview for Monday Night Raw, and it is almost as if the slate has been wiped clean. Well, almost everything — as some grudges are really hard to get rid of, and there are superstars who simply choose to hang onto them.

Shaken and stirred

WrestleMania 35 wasn’t the only thing that changed the landscape, thanks to a bunch of new champions. The 2019 Superstar Shake-Up brought a lot of new names over to Monday Night Raw — some from NXT, such as The Viking Experience, Lacey Evans, Ricochet, and Aleister Black.

Others are longtime veterans of the main roster, but who will stand out first?

Will a new superstar emerge as Seth Rollins’ next challenger?

At WrestleMania 35, Seth Rollins was able to slay the beast, defeating Brock Lesnar for the WWE Universal Championship. Now, it’s going to be very interesting to see who steps up next to challenge “The Architect” for his title.

Rollins certainly has to find a new path, as Roman Reigns was moved to SmackDown Live and Dean Ambrose has left WWE entirely. The Shield is done, and the “Hounds of Justice” have to move on in their own directions.

What creepy force is infiltrating WWE?

The last few weeks, some really weird videos have been playing during Raw. They feature puppets, birds, dolls, and other creepy things. Fans have had their theories as to what this is all leading up to, and the overall feeling is that it’s Bray Wyatt’s return. However, will the truth of the mystery unfold tonight?

Lacey Evans call for “The Man”

After winning both the Raw and SmackDown women’s titles at WrestleMania 35, Becky Lynch has been going back and forth in looking for a challenger. It appears as if the “Southern Belle” Lacey Evans is more than happy to step up and show Becky how a lady truly acts.

Does The Miz have unfinished business with Shane McMahon?

Obviously, The Miz and Shane McMahon had their major share of differences when working together on SmackDown Live, but they are no longer sharing the same space. The Miz was moved over to Monday Night Raw in the Shake-Up, but considering how much grief was given to his father by Shane, the battle may not yet be over.