Meghan Markle Allegedly Snubbed By Kate Middleton During Birthday Tribute To Queen Elizabeth

Stephen PondGetty Images

Meghan Markle was allegedly snubbed by Kate Middleton in an Instagram birthday post directed toward Queen Elizabeth for the monarch’s 93rd birthday on Sunday, April 21.

On the official Kensington Palace Instagram page, which now features prominently the work of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Prince William, and Kate Middleton, a photo was posted in tribute to the reigning monarch.

The post was accompanied by an older photo of the family taken in 2016, months before Meghan Markle became a member of the royal family via her engagement to Prince Harry in November of the same year.

Express reported that the queen is seen in the photo next to her husband, Prince Phillip, as well as Middleton, Prince William, Prince Harry, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte at the annual Trooping of the Color.

The publication noted that Markle was at the event in 2017, and a photo of her could have been included but it was not. There was no mention as to why the photo sans Markle was used in the couple’s birthday wishes for William and Harry’s grandmother.

This slip continues to allege a rift that reportedly has occurred between Middleton and Markle and their husbands, brothers William and Harry.

Prior to Markle’s entrance into the family, William, Harry, and Middleton made the rounds as a trio, attending official functions and representing a new and updated version of the royal family. Upon Markle’s introduction into the clan, it appeared that the foursome would continue the work begun by William, Kate, and Harry, particularly with their initiative Heads Together, which helps de-stigmatize mental health.

Instead, it seems that Markle and Harry’s marriage has deepened the rift between the brothers, particularly since it is alleged that Markle and Middleton do not get along.

In fact, the last solo photos of the duchesses taken together were in July 2018 at the annual Wimbledon Tennis Match where the women sat together.

Fans noted that Kensington Palace could have used the photo below instead to honor Queen Elizabeth on her birthday, showing support for her majesty in a unified way.

Markle and Prince Harry chose to post an older photo of Queen Elizabeth, wishing her a happy birthday in a message that was explicitly from the couple.

Prince Harry attended the queen’s birthday festivities alone, leaving Markle home to rest as the couple awaits the birth of their first child together, which could arrive any day now.

Markle and Harry recently moved to Frogmore Cottage away from the grounds of Kensington Palace, where they lived closer to Prince William and Middleton, to their new home which is roughly 25 miles away and where they took their engagement photos and had their wedding reception.