'Vanderpump Rules' Star Lala Kent Poses In Steamy Bustier To Celebrate Six Months Of Sobriety

Lala Kent is celebrating six months of sobriety in the steamiest way possible. The Vanderpump Rules star posed in a lacy black bustier in an image on Instagram explaining why she decided to get sober and what her life looks like now that she is seeing things clearly.

Kent, standing in a field with the dappled sunlight highlighting her curves, opened the post by saying that the day had been one of milestones because it was not only Easter, but it is one year since her father passed away. It is also the day that marks her six months of sobriety, the day she is flying out to see her soon-to-be husband's childhood home, and the place she is getting married.

Posing with her eyes closed and a serene look on her face, the reality star captioned the image to explain to her fans that though she knows she has talked about her struggle with substance abuse before, she wants to explain why it is so important to her. She says that she knows other people are struggling with the same issue and that she knows how difficult it is to see things through one day at a time, but that she appreciates her clear state of mind.

The 21st of April is a challenging day for the star because it is the day that her father passed away. She posted an Instagram image to commemorate the occasion and pay tribute to her dad.

"One year ago today I got the worst call of my life. My little brother called to tell me that our dad had passed away. I'm trying to wrap my mind around the fact that I haven't seen your face or heard your voice for that long, yet it doesn't seem that way because you are so engraved in my mind," she wrote. "Today we will celebrate your life. We will remember your beautiful heart and spirit. And when we cry, know that we miss you, but know that our tears also represent the blessings we feel for having you as the king of our family."

Kent says that she misses her father every day and that she sometimes calls his phone to leave him messages. She has also said that she feels robbed because she lost her dad so young and that though she believes he is with her, she feels selfish because she still wants to be able to talk to him and touch him.