NASCAR Wreck: Fans Injured By Flying Debris [Video]

Saturday’s NASCAR race took a dangerous turn when a wreck caused debris to fly into the stands.

The multi-car collision took place during the final lap at the Daytona International Speedway. A number of cars reportedly became entangled as they approached the finish line.

According to CNN, the wreck during the Nationwide Series Drive4COPD 300 race caused driver Kyle Larson’s car to collide with the fence. The car broke into pieces, some of which ended up flying into the stands.

NASCAR President Mike Helton quickly took to Twitter after the wreck to address the situation.

He said:

“Our prayers and thoughts are with everybody they [the responders] are working on.”

USA Today reports that several ambulances were called to the scene in an effort to treat those injured during the accident. Authorities explained that at least five people were hurt when debris from the wreck shot into the stands. It’s believed that two people in the upper deck were wounded by some of the pieces.

Helton explained that officials were working hard to investigate the damage. Police reportedly closed off the area once fans were safely escorted away from the crash site.

The NASCAR president added:

“Right now, it’s just a function of trying to determine what all damage is done. They’re moving folks to care centers and taking some folks over to Halifax Medical. We’ll be able to update later on, but right now, all we know is everyone is working really hard on determining what all happened.”

Footage of the NASCAR wreck has been embedded below.

Fortunately for NASCAR driver Kyle Larson, he was able to walk away from the collision at the Daytona International Speedway unharmed. No other drivers were injured during the accident. The conditions of the people wounded as a result of the multi-car wreck are unknown as of this writing.