NeNe Leakes Choked, Knocked Out A Producer's Tooth During 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' Filming

On the Season 11 finale of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, the ladies accused NeNe Leakes of choking and scratching a cameraman, and sending one producer to the hospital - and the reality star doesn't deny any of it. According to her co-stars, things got heated on the show when a crowd of people, including some of the show's staff, tried to go into her closet. The 51-year-old wasn't having it, and she got physical in order to stop them from filming in there.

Host Andy Cohen asked NeNe about the situation, which all went down during her "Bye Wig" party. The dinner was running smoothly until co-stars Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams headed to take a look inside NeNe's closet. Apparently, the show had agreed beforehand that no one would film inside her closet, so the housewife was understandably upset when not only did her co-stars head inside, but a cameraman followed as well.

That's when she got upset and tried to physically stop the camera from entering. Andy asked her if she regretted the fight and whether or not she thought it was okay to put her hands on someone from the show. She explained her actions away, saying that since everyone had agreed not to go in her closet, she was defending her home.

Andy countered that despite the agreement, it didn't give her a right to get physical.

"I didn't hit him. I pulled his t-shirt. And it was a t-shirt and it tore," NeNe said.

Porsha saw it differently, and she spoke up to explain what she saw.

"Well, him, but the other guy got choked up, scratched up, went to the hospital," she said.

NeNe played down the situation, claiming not to have known about the situation and said that she hadn't heard anything about a hospital visit.

"He absolutely did and absolutely had scratches on his back. Choked up and head drug against the wall," Porsha replied.

Kandi joined in the debate, adding her perspective and informing the group that the person NeNe attacked had gotten a tooth knocked out of his mouth. Again, NeNe didn't deny the situation, but she did suggest that maybe it wasn't as bad as the other ladies were suggesting.

"I heard his tooth was cracked," NeNe said. "But nonetheless, it didn't give me the right to touch him."

When Andy asked if NeNe should have been fired from the show for getting physical, Eva Marcille came to NeNe's defense.

"Absolutely not. I think that she was thoroughly disrespected in her own home. Whatever happens after you disrespect someone in their own home is fair game. Period," Eva said.

Porsha added that she saw NeNe going after a producer, who made no move to defend himself.

"The producer that she choked up was [holding his hands up in the air], making sure that every move was on him from her," Porsha countered.

NeNe didn't deny any of the account except for one element. She says that she never pushed Porsha from behind during the altercation.