Halle Berry Posts Mostly-Nude Bubble-Bath Photo On Instagram

Halle Berry on Sunday posted an Instagram photo showing herself taking a bubble bath, with the bubbles and her body posed expertly to keep the whole thing safe for work.

Berry, 52, has never let her age stand in the way of her beauty, as BoredPanda noted last summer. So devoted is the actress to fitness -- yoga, in particular -- that she might very well pass as a professional athlete. And indeed, her Instagram feed is filled with pictures of her stretching, doing yoga, practicing meditation, working out with her personal trainer, and rarely, the low-calorie meals she eats.

In fact, she dedicates certain days of the week to help her social media followers understand her fitness, nutrition, and beauty regimen. Fridays are #FitnessFridays, while Sundays are #SelfCareSundays.

"I believe good heath and wellness is what real beauty is all about. The beauty world is constantly evolving, building a deeper connection between health, wellness, and what we know as being beautiful."
Even relaxation can be a part of your health and fitness regime if you take the right approach to it. Too much relaxation, of course, is the opposite of fitness, but all things in moderation, as they say. And in the fitness and wellness industries, taking some time for yourself is called "Self-care," and it's just as important as your diet or your workout routine.

And for Halle, what's a better example of self-care than an enjoyable bubble bath?

Many of her Instagram followers were taken aback by the photo, not because of the near nudity, but because of a practical consideration.

"Who's taking the picture," asked one commenter.

It's actually a good question. She's not married or known to be in a relationship, so as far as is known, she doesn't have a boyfriend to come into her bathroom and snap the pic when she's nude. It's a question that will likely remain unanswered.

For what it's worth, the bubble bath photo is actually one of the tamer of the sexy and/or revealing pics that Halle has posted. Many of her posts show considerable skin, such as this Instagram photo showing the tattoo on her back.

Others don't show much skin, but come perilously close to showing the type of skin that would violate Instagram's terms of use. And of course, no female celebrity's social media presence would be complete without the obligatory barely-there bikini pics.

Halle Berry recently wrapped up production on John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum, which hits theaters on May 17.