Kylie Jenner Accused Of Using Religion 'As An Accessory' In Easter Instagram Pictures

Kylie Jenner mostly does well on the style front. Her choice of Easter outfit this year came appropriate for Kanye West's Sunday service. Fans aren't letting this girl off the hook, though, as Instagram is now accusing the youngest Kardashian-Jenner of using religion "as an accessory."

On April 21, Kylie took to Instagram to share her Easter Sunday experience, as she shared three photo updates and a video. The first snap shows Kylie shot from behind, as she poses outdoors in a grassy setting. With short sleeves and no cleavage-flaunting, Kylie's crêpe-effect dress appears apt for the occasion. Fans are talking about the hair, though. It comes as a braided high ponytail adorned with circular seashell-like pieces and very visible crosses.

Despite a caption wishing everyone a "blessed" Easter, not all of Kylie's followers are throwing the affection back. One fan voiced their thoughts.

"I love when religion gets used as an accessory"
The comment came with a tongue-in-cheek reply from another user.
"@tanishalynn_ it ain't that deep"
Another fan stated that he was "triggered" by the crucifix hairpieces.

Kylie does not appear to have responded to the backlash. Her attendance at Kanye's Sunday service appears to echo words stated by her older sister Kim Kardashian.

"We are very Christian - and our work ethic and our discipline comes from so many years at Catholic school," Kim previously told Vogue.

Kylie's affiliation with the Christian faith appears less prominent in comparison to her sisters. While Kim speaks openly about her Christianity and Kendall Jenner prays "every night," per The Daily Mail, Kylie has steered clear of giving interviews on religion. The Easter update might suggest that Kylie takes the annual holiday seriously, but commenters are continuing to question this. An Instagram user with the handle "crankmishelle" wrote the following.
"Jesus hung on the cross so Kylie could hang the cross in her braids....."
Interestingly, many comments compared the circular discs in Kylie's hair to bathroom accessories. The comment "Them look like bathtub plugs" received 143 likes and 18 replies as of this writing. Similar thoughts are expressed throughout the 9,637 comments. Kylie made sure to send fans video footage of her hair in a separate post, although the crosses are less visible here. This may be linked to what appear to be fewer negative comments. The video saw fans call Kylie a "ponytail goddess."

Despite a sizeable amount of criticism, Kylie's Easter update appears to have been well-received, overall. The hair snap currently sits at over 4 million likes. However, that may have something to do with its second slide, where Kylie can be seen locking lips with boyfriend Travis Scott.

Vibes from Kylie may be "blessed" this Easter, but fans appear to have crosses to bear -- quite literally, in this case.