Isabelle Mathers Shows Skin In Light Orange Bikini On Instagram

Isabelle Mathers looked fantastic for a new Fae ad on Instagram. The photo showed the model posing in a light orange bikini. The swimsuit had a high-cut bottom, along with a structured top with a small "v" in the center. The model also wore a crop top that left her chest exposed. Her hair was down in a middle part, and she stood with her back to the ocean.

In the meantime, the model has been keeping her fans updated on social media. Her newest Instagram video shows her posing for a photoshoot. Interestingly, the video was of a camera's display screen. Isabelle wore a brown, netted shirt and a pair of large drop earrings.

Not only that, Mathers has also posted a series of four photos that showed her posing in a couple of different outfits. In a couple of images, Isabelle wore a strapless dress with black boots. Her dress was decorated with multi-colored polka dots throughout. In addition, the model posed in an all-white ensemble including a white t-shirt. Her pants were also white, which she accessorized with a black belt and tan boots. All of her poses were low to the ground, as she crouched and made interesting shapes with her body. The Instagram post has received over 75,000 likes and over 460 comments.

Isabelle previously opened up to Maxim Australia about some of the misconceptions about her.
"I think social media portrays me to be someone different, or famous, but I'm really just a normal person like everybody else. I obviously only show the good and positives on my socials so I guess it'd be hard to see that I'm just an average 19-year old girl."
In addition, the native Australian talked about her personal life.
"I grew up on the Gold Coast so I've always lived close to the beach. I have an older sister and younger brother and I graduated from high school two years ago. I've been working full-time as a model ever since."
Around the time of the interview, she was looking forward to moving to Los Angeles for a short work engagement.

For now, however, it appears that Mathers is enjoying Australia to the fullest. The weather appears perfect right now for bikinis and fun at the beach, as the model posted a series of photos earlier in April. One Instagram photo, in particular, showed her sitting in front of an amazing vista. In the backdrop, you can see the ocean as she sat in the foreground. Isabelle wore a bikini, but was partially hidden in the shadows.