When Asked How He Keeps His Skin Clear, Shawn Mendes Admits He Doesn't Wash His Face

Shawn Mendes is 20-years-old and at a stage in life where many experience an occasional break out once in awhile. However, the Canadian singer's skin is nearly flawless. In a fan question and answer session for W Magazine, Mendes was asked about how he keeps his skin so clear, even with all the stress of being constantly thrust in the spotlight and the focal point of many camera lenses. As he often is when discussing the more personal details about his life, he kept it real and honest. The singer swears by a simple skin care routine, and the lack of products involved may surprise you.

Unlike other high profile celebrities who tend to invest in pricey skincare products and regimens to keep themselves looking photo ready, Mendes keeps things easy. He doesn't even wash his face on a daily basis.

"My skincare routine. I'm not lying when I tell you guys I just don't wash my face," he said to the fan who asked about how he keeps his skin looking so healthy.

Mendes certainly isn't dropping a lot of cash on cleansers or moisturizers, so what is his secret? He stated that he does do a face mask about "every five days or so," but that isn't what he believes keeps him looking healthy and his skin clear.

The singer believes that the true reason for his flawless skin is that he is genuinely a happy person who is content with his life. He stated that he believes that your skin's appearance has a lot to do with how you're feeling on the inside. If he didn't concentrate so much on maintaining happiness and avoiding stress, he may find that his skin doesn't fare as well.
"I think skin is very based off of how you're feeling. You could rub dirt on your face but if you're happy, you won't break out. If you're unhappy or sad or stressed, that's when you break out the most. Just do everything that will make you happy."
How does Mendes manage his stress with such a hectic and fast-paced career? Meditation has proven helpful for him and is something that he practices frequently.

The singer has spoken candidly before about how he manages stress, according to Teen Vogue. While therapy in the traditional sense may work for some, it can also be defined in many different ways.

"Therapy is listening to music and running on the treadmill, therapy is going to dinner with your friends — it's something that distracts you, that helps you heal and so it just depends on what you think therapy is."