Bikini Model Devin Brugman Leaves Little To The Imagination In Skintight Two-Piece Bathing Suit On Instagram

One of the most beautiful women on the planet, Devin Brugman, has certainly seen her star rise in recent times, particularly on social media. Boasting 1.3 million followers on popular photo and video sharing program Instagram, the bikini model has certainly proven that she has staying power. Frequently taking to Instagram to show off her best side in addition to her winning personality, Devin has captured the hearts and minds of her many admirers along the way.

In her most recent image, the brunette bombshell is backgrounded by palm fronds and some low-slung foliage. Some wooden construction seemingly belonging to a cabana or a beach resort can also be seen in soft focus. All eyes are drawn to the foreground, however, where Devin walks the beach with the sun beating down upon her. Her eyes are closed to protect them from the sun's harsh rays, but a broad smile nonetheless finds its way to her face, her perfectly white teeth being quite prominent.

In a bright red two-piece bikini which leaves very little to the imagination, the swimsuit model puts on a buxom show, her bust showcased by the skimpy top. A pair of string bikini bottoms do little to conceal Devin's toned thighs, shapely hips, and long, slender legs.

This recent share follows one which Devin had shared earlier in the month, one wherein she was captured modeling a bikini of very similar description. Nonetheless, the stunner's most recent share was a huge hit with her supporters, attracting over 40,000 likes and 450-plus comments in a matter of hours.

"You look amazing! Your journey in your new diet has been amazing to see. Specially [sic] with this body," remarked one Instagram fan, adding a trio of heart emojis to conclude their comment.

"You cannot get a body better than this," a second admirer stated, leaving no room for doubt.

"Rather than pretty, you really look happier! I love that!" a third user gushed, waxing poetic.

Devin has made headlines most recently, as Us Weekly details, for spreading the word about her newly minted swimwear brand. Co-founding the Monday Swimwear label with fellow Instagram model Natasha Oakley, Devin hopes to help her customers feel more comfortable in their own skin.

"I really feel the most confident and sexiest when I'm on the beach, happy and relaxed in comfortable swimwear. Our brand was inspired by this feeling and we wanted other women to experience it," Devin dished to interviewers with Stylish while discussing the new label.

It looks like Devin Brugman has everything she needs to be a success, and her fans and followers can't wait to see what the future holds for her.