'One Piece' Episode 882 Preview: Fujitora, Ryokugyu Appear At Mary Geoise, Shirahoshi Sees Outside World

After a series of flashbacks and reactions about Strawhat Pirates' captain Monkey D. Luffy's new title and bounty, One Piece will finally mark the start of a new arc - the Reverie. The Reverie is a major event held every four years where 50 leaders from various kingdoms who are affiliated with the World Government meet to discuss several confidential matters. On their way to the Holy Land Mary Geoise, the world leaders were being escorted by top Navy officials in order to assure that they arrive safely at the Reverie.

In the previous episodes of One Piece, Navy Captain Coby and Navy Lieutenant Commander Helmeppo were shown defending some of the royals from pirate attacks. Coby saved the ship carrying Princess Rebecca, Princess Viola, and King Riku of Dressrosa, and King Elizabelle II of Prodence Kingdom from a torpedo attack, while Helmeppo freed Princess Komane of Lulusia Kingdom from her kidnappers. One Piece Episode 882 is expected to feature the arrival of the world leaders to the Holy Land Mary Geoise.

As shown in the preview for One Piece Episode 882, the representatives of the Fishmen - King Neptune, Prince Fukaboshi, Prince Ryuboshi, Prince Manboshi, and Princess Shirahoshi - will finally reach the Holy Land Mary Geoise. This will be the first time the Fishman race will attend the Reverie after decades of absence because of their deep mistrust with the human race.

"While the world surges, Fujitora and a new Navy Admiral turn up at Mary Geiose! Meanwhile, from under the sea, with a flood of emotions, Shirahoshi surfaces!"
King Neptune made his entrance riding a huge whale while all his children are on the ship. As expected, Princess Shirahoshi looks very scared since it is her first time to be in the outside world. However, her brothers -- Prince Fukaboshi, Prince Ryuboshi, and Prince Manboshi -- advised her to overcome her fears for the sake of the Fishman race.

One Piece Episode 882 is set to give more information about the newest Navy Admiral Ryokugyu. In the latest episode of One Piece, one of the Navy officers informed Fleet Admiral Sakazuki about the arrival of Navy Admiral Ryokugyu at the Holy Land Mary Geoise. Fleet Admiral Sakazuki's first order to him is to turn Navy Fujitora away.

However, it seems like Navy Admiral Ryokugyu has no plan to follow Fleed Admiral Sakazuki's command. In the preview, Navy Admiral Ryokugyu and Navy Admiral Fujitora are shown having a friendly chat while eating at the garden of the Holy Land Mary Geoise. One Piece Episode 882 could finally show Navy Admiral Ryokugyu's appearance and his devil fruit power.