Hoda Kotb Shares A Touching Photo Of Her Mother Holding Her New Baby Girl, Hope Catherine

This is a particularly special Easter weekend for Today Show host Hoda Kotb, as it is the first holiday she's enjoyed as a new family-of-four. Just last week, the co-host of the third hour of the morning television program announced that she had adopted a new baby. The little girl's name is Hope Catherine, and she is the second adopted child of Kotb and her partner, Joel Schiffman, according to People.

The 54-year-old television personality longed for children her whole adult life, but treatments for breast cancer left her unable to conceive. Still, she never gave up hope that she would one day have a child of her own. Two years ago she adopted her daughter, Haley Joy. While Haley brought immense love to Kotb's life, she knew she wanted her daughter to experience life with a sibling. Not knowing whether or not she'd have the opportunity to adopt a second child, she clung on to faith. With her voice full of emotion, she shared the news with her fellow co-stars on the Today Show on Tuesday through the phone.

Aside from Jenna Bush Hager, Kotb's new co-host on the third hour, the rest of the staff was completely surprised and overjoyed. Hager, who recently replaced Kathie Lee Gifford after she retired, had been let in on the secret beforehand. News anchor Savannah Guthrie sat in for Kotb during the third hour while she spent time with her new bundle of joy.

The child's name is significant because of the newfound hope that her daughter's adoption brought to Kotb's life, and the hope she relied upon throughout the lengthy adoption process.

On Easter Sunday, Kotb shared a touching photo of her mother, Sameha, holding her new baby daughter and feeding her a bottle.

"This makes me so happy… my mom filled with Hope," she gushed in the caption.

Shortly after announcing her happy news to the world, Kotb was flooded with congratulatory messages from supportive viewers around the world. In her first Instagram post with her new baby, Kotb thanked those who had offered kind messages. She also encouraged those who are still longing for a child themselves.

"Hope is sleeping soundly...and I am reading all of your beautiful messages. I am overwhelmed with your kindness...thank you for the love you have shown us... it means so much. If you are waiting for your miracle... have faith. I am with you."