April 21, 2019
British Newspaper Says Trump Is Not Welcome In Britain In Unusually Aggressive Editorial

British newspaper The Observer took an unusually aggressive tone towards the President of the United States on Sunday, calling Donald Trump a threat to U.S. governance and arguing that he should not be extended the honor of a state visit. The Observer is part of the Guardian Media Group, which also publishes The Guardian and The Guardian Weekly. The paper has a circulation of about 175,000.

In a scathing editorial, the paper cites the results of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 elections as the catalyst for the opinion.

"The prospect of Donald Trump making a state visit to Britain in June is stomach-churning. The corruption investigation led by special counsel Robert Mueller, whose damning report was published last week, provided ample evidence of what we already know: Trump is unfit to hold the office of president of the United States," the piece begins.

It goes on to highlight the unique honor of a British state visit, making note of traditional components including a parliamentary address and an audience with the Queen. It also makes note of damaged they allege Trump has done to the "special relationship" between Great Britain and the United States, citing Trump's policies on climate change, migration, race, multilateralism, the war in Yemen, nuclear arms, and civil liberties, among others.

"If Americans are content to allow a habitual liar who has presided over systemic illegality, numerous ill-concealed attempts to obstruct justice and a foul-mouthed culture of venality and vendettas to continue to lead their country," the editorial states, "that is a matter for them."

From there the piece describes in fantastical terms the untrustworthiness of the U.S. president, indicating that future alliances or trade deals were essentially non-starters as, according to them, Muller's report demonstrates with evidence that Trump is not to be trusted. The paper suggests that Trump supporters are simply hoping that the fallout from the release of the report blows over and allows them to move on, but points out that 14 ongoing related criminal investigations remain on the horizon regardless of what happens with the special counsel investigation.

In closing, the paper calls on U.S. politicians to act in the best interest of the country in holding Trump accountable and to avoid making decisions, such as whether or not to impeach, based on mere political calculations. By identifying 11 instances of possible obstruction of justice, the paper says, Mueller has basically laid out a road map that Congress is obliged to pursue.

"Until the door shuts on Trumpgate – and the sooner the better – Trump will remain an international liability," the editorial closes.

"He is not welcome here."