Instagram Just Turned Jordyn Woods' Braless Picture Into The Most Unexpected Debate

Jordyn Woods has a way of getting people talking. Jordyn's newest post to Instagram doesn't feature Khloe Kardashian or Tristan Thompson's names. She seems to be centering over a household item. More specifically, one that Woods appears to have foregone during her current trip to Nigeria. Jordyn marked her arrival in the African nation via Instagram. Alongside a selfie set, fans got a full-length snap. Jordyn is seen standing amid grass and palms, with a satin green dress matches the setting. The dress is visibly in need of ironing.

Plunging cleavage and a braless situation were enough for The Daily Mail to say Woods was "[risking] a wardrobe malfunction." While the newspaper delved into Jordyn's infamous Red Table Talk interview, it didn't pick up on the small explosion of comments pertaining to the snap.

Jordyn captioned the picture with some self-defense. "Before" anyone throws out accusations of the dress being "unironed," they should be aware – "this is the style it was made."

Instagram is now talking about irons, and one user managed to throw Kylie Jenner's name into the equation.

"Stop lying ur [sic] forgot ur iron in Kylie's house jk u look nice," they commented.

Another mentioned the iron with what might be slight shade -- presuming any reference is to Khloe.

"If it's ironed it's probably get burnt," they said.

Over 6,000 comments have been left. Hundreds debate whether or not Woods should have ironed the dress. While one user called it "wrinkled," another offered a "steamer" suggestion. One spoke on behalf of her nation.

"Jordyn please iron ur clothe [sic], don't let them think we don't have iron and electricity in Lagos biko," they said.

Many comments centered around Woods' ability to afford an iron. Given this model's sharp rise in popularity, and Elle reporting her being "flooded" with business opportunities, it seems unlikely that the former best friend to Kylie Jenner cannot afford an iron.

Bar this snap, Jordyn's recent looks have been nothing short of immaculate. A blond-haired update made during Jordyn's April visit to London showed pressed clothes, a possible glam squad, and what might well be the use of hair-straightening irons. Woods does not appear to have gotten involved in today's iron-centric debate.

The 21-year-old is in Nigeria for the country's Homecoming festival, per Within Nigeria. The Lagos-based event kicks off today. Jordyn has since updated her Instagram from the capital. One shot shows her in a vehicle. The other two showcase Woods in a floor-length tan dress with color print. For any fans preferring clothes ironed, today's outfit appears largely wrinkle-free.