Joe Biden Shotgun Advice Was Sexist: Mom Questioner

Joe Biden sexist or just Joe being Joe?

Kate Ernest, a parent of one-year-old baby, claims that Vice President Joe Biden’s dismissive answer to her question about the Second Amendment right to self defense in his recent Parents Magazine Facebook town hall forum, was sexist. His shotgun advice also might even be illegal.

Biden is promoting the Obama administration’s gun control agenda in various venues.

The question Ernest posed during the online event concerned gun control regulations having the practical effect of disarming law-abiding citizens. Biden seemingly smugly insisted that he has never heard anyone in Parents Magazine ask these kinds of questions.

During the online forum, Biden attracted a lot of social media attention by repeatedly insisting that American citizens should buy a shotgun for personal self defense and that there is no need for the anyone to own the weapons or ammo clips that the Democrats are trying to ban.

Kate Ernest appeared on Megyn Kelly’s Fox News Channel show to discuss her interaction with the gaffe-prone veep over gun control. Ernest said, in part:

“As a parent who has weapons in my home, I just wanted to know … in terms of placing bans on certain weapons or magazines … you’re going to remove them from the hands of the good guy — no criminals are going to hand in their weapons, so my question was, if he claims that our police officers are being outgunned, should we be outgunned in our homes as well … “

Megyn Kelly asked her about Biden’s recommendation –- advice that he claims he has given his wife — about firing two warning shots with a double-barrel shotgun out the window if there is trouble. Kate Ernest had some strong reservations:

“That advice is probably some of the poorest advice he could give anyone, let alone a loved one … for anybody who knows anything about guns, they would know a double barreled shotgun only holds two rounds, so once she goes out in plain sight and fires those two rounds, she’s a sitting duck … in a high-pressure situation, is she going to sit there and fumble with shells to reload it?… it was poor advice and comes off a little sexist, like ‘let me tell you what you need’ versus arm yourself or protect yourself in the way you feel necessary.”

Enest, who apparently is an AR-15-owning mom, also maintained that an AR-15 is easier to fire than a shotgun contrary to what Biden claimed. She added that with so many AR-15s already in circulation, wrongdoers will always find a way to gain access to them regardless of what new restrictive government regulations might come to pass.

Separately, US News reports that following Joe Biden’s advice could get you thrown in jail in Delaware where Biden lives:

“A sergeant with the Wilmington, Del., police department explained to U.S. News that city residents are not allowed to fire guns on their property …

“[Former Delaware deputy attorney general John] Garey said that under Biden’s scenario, Jill Biden could be charged with aggravated menacing, a felony, and reckless endangering in the first degree.”

Do you think Joe Biden was giving out good or bad advice about shotguns? Was the advice sexist?

Watch Megyn Kelly’s interview with Kate Ernest about Joe Biden’s shotgun advice: