Twin Model Mathilde Tantot Instagrams In Braless Cleavage And A Thong

Mathilde Tantot is a French model who comes as a double act: She's a twin. On April 21, she posted two sexy updates to Instagram. The post also suggests it is nap time.

The first snap shows Tantot shot from above. With her face cut off, there's a sense of anonymity. Mathilde is lying down, and she is clad in a white-ribbed tank, pink socks, and a rather racy lace-black thong. While a braless scenario seems to be going on, the level of cleavage being flaunted does not paint this girl as prudish. The tank top is showcasing Tantot's tan curves, flat stomach, and bronzed legs. The thong takes care of her posterior.

A swipe to the right shows a very different picture. Void of cleavage, the shot sees Mathilde apparently sleeping. The white tank's strap matches a simple white manicure, and multiple ear piercings add unfussy flourishes. As per Tantot's caption, she is "well arrived" in Los Angeles. The "jetlag" mention likely explains today's decidedly sleepy update.

The post appears well-received, as Tantot's largely French fanbase is showering her with praise, although one Anglophone comment comes with a touch of sarcasm.

"Yep I always take photos like that when I'm tired #exhausting," the person commented.

No reason for the L.A. travel is given.

One fan writes that Tantot is "toujours en train de dormir," which translates as "always sleeping." Another then compliments both the photograph's quality and Tantot's body. With an Instagram bio suggesting she is only 14-years-old, the user is likely one of Mathilde's youngest fans. She also appears to be female.

With 2.6 million Instagram followers, Mathilde appears objectively more popular than her twin, Pauline. Pauline's Instagram boasts a more modest 1.7 million followers. There's no debating the popularity of their joint posts, though. Despite their French roots, the sisters mostly caption their snaps in English. Mathilde has done so for today's update. Her twin, who also appears to be in L.A., has done the same.
Despite not residing in California full-time, Mathilde does appear to have attended Coachella 2019. The celebrity-adored music festival has proven star-studded this year, with visits from celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Hailey Baldwin, to Olivia Culpo and Kendall Jenner. Lower-profile models likewise seem to have made the most of this seemingly career-boosting event. Italian model Valentina Fradegrada sent a topless Instagram snap from Coachella. Australian model Gabby Epstein wore slightly more clothing, but she too left her footprint.

Mathilde and Pauline are co-founders of Khassani Swimwear. Today's update might not be showcasing their merchandise, but it's unlikely to be damaging overall revenue.