Aussie 'Maxim' Model Natalie Roser Goes Entirely Nude At The Beach, Hangs Skimpy Bikini Top From Nearby Tree

Tall, blond, and incredibly beautiful, Australian model Natalie Roser may be best known for her work with Maxim -- amongst other fashion labels -- but it is her Instagram presence which is now taking center stage. Frequently taking to the popular photo and video sharing platform to offer up a vision of sensuality to her most serious devotees, the stunner from Down Under knows precisely how to capture the hearts and minds of her awestruck audience.

In this most recent image, perhaps one of the most artfully provocative pieces she has posted to date, Natalie Roser goes entirely nude as she takes in a sun-drenched day on an idyllic beach. Her naked body is partially obscured by a large palm frond which she is seen clutching in her right hand, the knife-like leaves serving to partially censor the photo in order to comply with Instagram's demands. The curve of her breast is visible at the base of the palm frond, as is the striking slope of her pert derriere.

Natalie's golden tresses are styled in loose beach-babe waves, appearing somewhat damp from the surf. She sports a pretty pink lip in a soft pastel shade, and very light makeup to complement her flawless complexion. Her lips are parted in a reflective yet breathy expression and her gaze is cast downwards -- her attention clearly elsewhere.

Her tiny bikini top -- a scanty bit of taupe fabric -- hangs listlessly from a nearby tree.

In the caption attached to the sunny snapshot, Natalie gave a shout out to her friend and photographer Megan Batson, honoring her birthday. Despite the relatively brief caption -- and having been posted for a mere matter of moments, as of this writing -- Natalie's share has already attracted a great deal of positive attention.

Nearly 4,500 Instagram users left a like in response to the sexy snapshot, with dozens more leaving comments in the appropriate section.

"The striking beauty of an ipnotisant [sic] woman," one admirer opined, waxing poetic despite the spelling error. They punctuated their love letter with a series of romantic emojis.

"The grass is always greener on the other side," a second supporter on social media rakishly remarked, capping off the lewd joke with a number of smiling emojis.

Natalie Roser has made headlines most recently for stating that she would turn down a job with Victoria's Secret if offered. According to the Daily Mail, the pressure and stress associated with walking the runway for one of the world's premiere lingerie brands don't appeal to her at this point in time.