WWE's Alexa Bliss Flaunts Bare Thighs, Dishes On Nintendo Game Boy In Recent Instagram Updates

While Alexa Bliss may be best known for her high-energy performances in the ring in addition to her cutting remarks on the mic, she's also appreciated for her beauty and for her comical sense of humor. The blonde bombshell shared a bevy of updates to popular social media Instagram as of late, showing off each facet of her attractive personality in turn.

In a set of screen captures from a recent in-character performance, Alexa -- real name Lexi Kaufman -- clutched a blinged-out microphone in her hands while rocking a truly sexy ensemble. A short skirt and thigh-high boots -- both in a striking shade of black -- worked in tandem to showcase her toned thighs. A choker and a low-cut top served to emphasize her sensual punk-chic appeal, and Alexa sported her signature platinum blonde and pink locks in both images.

Alexa sports a full face of makeup in both frames, her iconic smoky eye complemented by perfectly sculpted brows and long, luxurious lashes. She is backgrounded by a futuristic looking cityscape set, and sits on a plush white chair. A vase containing flowers ranging in hue from a baby pink to a beautifully vibrant purple can be seen to her immediate right.

In a second bit of footage recently shared to her Instagram Stories, Alexa Bliss reveals that she is a bit of a retro game enthusiast as well. With the footage being captured by herself, the camera pans along a display case containing a variety of older consoles from Nintendo. The Game Boy, GameCube, Nintendo Entertainment System, and Super Nintendo Entertainment System are featured prominently as she makes a humorous remark about the passing of the years.

"Nothing makes you feel older than when the Game Boys that you played with are considered retro, in a display case," Alexa remarks. Text laid over top of the footage reads "... feeling old," reinforcing the sense of nostalgia which the professional wrestler is gesturing towards.

Most recently, Alexa Bliss took to Instagram to share a glamour shot with her most serious devotees. Dressed up to the nth degree, "Little Miss Bliss" made quite an impression upon her fans and followers with this particular snap, putting her best face forward.

"Woah you are so beautiful," one supporter on social media gushed, capping off their comment with a trio of revolving heart emojis.

The majority of the rest of the remarks were equally as effusive in their praise for the pro wrestler and Instagram influencer -- though many wondered if Alexa might eventually return to the ring sooner rather than later.